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Fors Works

Fors Works is the project formation around the choreographic work of Martin Forsberg. Forsberg’s work is made by questioning topics and contexts, turned into choreography. Stroking reality via theatrical awareness, the work is trying to question dance as an art form, through dance. Weather investigating the relation between feminism, DIY and taste (Comic Sans), the …

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Skånes Dansteater

the feeling of going photographer: Malin Arnesson DOUBLEtake photographer: Jeffery Richt And To Dust You Shall Return photographer: Malin Arnesson Svart. Blå photographer: Malin Arnesson Sånger från en inställd skilsmässa photographer: Jeffrey Richt the feeling of going photographer: Malin Arnesson Since its start in 1995, Skånes Dansteater in Malmö (SE) has created relevant and engaging …

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A child of the nineties, Norrdans was founded in Härnösand in 1995. Since then, they have had the undivided pleasure of presenting contemporary dance and choreography in all its captivating facets to audiences near and far. And you can meet them on stage, in the street, in schools, at work— anywhere, really! “Disturb the comfortable …

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