Skånes Dansteater

the feeling of going
photographer: Malin Arnesson

photographer: Jeffery Richt

And To Dust You Shall Return
photographer: Malin Arnesson

Svart. Blå
photographer: Malin Arnesson

Sånger från en inställd skilsmässa
photographer: Jeffrey Richt

the feeling of going
photographer: Malin Arnesson

Since its start 1995, Skånes Dansteater has created relevant and engaging performances, from grand scale events engaging orchestra and choir to intimate, site-specific performances. The company gives 80 performances annually; in our own venue, at Malmö Opera and on tour.

During the past 20 years Skånes Dansteater has presented relevant and engaging performing art to a wide audience. We have collaborated with choreographers Ben Wright, Marina Mascarell, Alexander Ekman, Kenneth Kvarnström, Antony Hamilton, Marcos Morau, Örjan Andersson, Susanna Leinonen, Jo Strømgren, Björn Säfsten, Philippe Blanchard, Helena Franzén and Hofesh Shechter, among others.

The company consists of 16 dancers from 10 countries. In addition to our performances, we run several community projects and manage other artistic endeavors such as films, festivals, collaborations etc.

Artistic Director since 2007 is Åsa Söderberg. Associate Artistic Director since 2014 is Ben Wright.


Spectrum (premiere February 2017)
Choreography: Ben Wright

It’s like a Large Animal Deep in Sleep (premiered February 2016)
Choreography: Marina Mascarell
A co-production with Korzo Productions and Dance Forum Taipei

Sentinel (premiered April 2016)
Choreography: Antony Hamilton

Something About Wilderness, and several attempts at taming beauty (premiere May 2017)
Choreography: Laïla Diallo & Mélanie Demers

To see the world while the light lasts (premiered October 2016)
Choreography: Ben Wright

the feeling of going (premiered autumn 2013, will re-open October 2017)
Choreography: Ben Wright

Flockwork (premiered October 2015)
Choreography: Alexander Ekman

Rikud (premiered October 2015)
Choreography: Liat Dror & Nir Ben Gaal

This Moment Is Your Life (premiered October 2015)
Choreography: Ben Wright

DOUBLEtake (premiered autumn 2014)
Choreography: Kenneth Kvarnström

SVART.BLÅ (BLACK. BLUE) (premiered spring 2014)
Choreography: Örjan Andersson

Och jord ska du åter vara (And to Dust You Shall Return) (premiered spring 2014)
Choreography: Marcos Morau

The Extended Version of Nothing (premiered spring 2014)
Choreography: Martin Forsberg