Norrdans is the dance company of Northern Sweden. Our mission is to present high-quality contemporary dance in all its forms, with a particular focus on young audiences. Since the start in 1995, we have produced a great number of dance performances with choreographies by international modern dance heavyweights as well as new talents. Our aim is to offer a great variety of experiences and to continually explore and develop the encounter between contemporary dance and our audience. We have an international ensemble with eight dancers but we also often collaborate with other artists and art forms. We strive to work dynamically in our productions, projects and pedagogic activities.

In our repertoire we have pieces by Fernando Melo, Martin Forsberg, Mari Carrasco, Tina Tarpgaard, Jo Strömgren and Thomas Noone among others.


LILLE PRINSEN is a dance performance in two acts, inspired by the world-famous story book with the original title Le Petit Prince, written and illustrated by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. It is a poetic and evocative performance where imagination is let loose. Just like the book, the performance deals with big and small questions about being a small person in a big world.
Choreographer: Tina Tarpgaard
Composer: Daniel Nelson
Conductor: David Björkman
Set designer: Signe Krogh
Costume designer: Inbal Lieblich
Light designer: Michael Breiner
8 dancers on stage

CARMEN offers a grand event with room for both deep thoughts and humorous touches. Jo Strömgren gathers inspiration from the Nordic countryside – of what it’s like to live North of the capital cities of Scandinavia. Is the life in the sparsely populated areas sad, tough and isolated or maybe wild, spirited and emotional? Can life in the coldest North prove more vital than in Andalusien itself…? With Jo Strömgren as a choreographer, one can expect a rather special set; intense and challenging with a good helping of humor. Strömgren has previously partnered successfully with Norrdans and CARMEN becomes the fifth cooperation since 1998.
Choreography: Jo Strömgren
Costume design: Bregje van Balen
8 dancers on stage

The basic rule is that opposing forces always are present. The performance releases the energy gathered  when you feel you really don’t belong to a place, are unconfortable in your body or existence and just want to break free from your self, walk your own path. But how simple is it to break free? Which path should I take? In BLACK FOREST we look into different energies and opposing forces. Do you dare to take a chance and walk through the forest to freedom?
Choreographer: Mari Carrasco
Composer: Mikael Karlsson
9 dancers on stage

by Thomas Noone is characterized by an explosive language of movement, bursting the frames of aesthetic; it dares to be abstract and create new expressions. Modern dance and Nordic folk music collaborate in an exciting mixture when the eight dancers of Norrdans take the stage together with Gjallarhorn.
Choreography: Thomas Noone
Music: Gjallarhorn
Light design: Peter Lundin
Costume design: Anton Hörnfeldt
8 dancers on stage plus 4 musicians

One of the oldest traditions in performing arts is the use of illusion to stage seemingly impossible features. like the Pepper Ghost effect. Magic has charmed and transported audiences for centuries. In the performance Peppers Ghost choreographer Fernando Melo collaborates with visual artist, Yoko Seyama, combining technology and the use of antique elements like mirrors, reflections, appearance and disappearance to lead the audience on a rhythmic journey of contemporary images.
Choreography: Fernando Melo
Set / light design: Yoko Seyama
Music: Dirk P Haubrich
Costume design: Jérôme Delbey
8 dancers on stage

A performance about the number 3 and the difficulty in being 4, about what surrounds us and why it is there. Fact and imagination; for real and pretended; very very fast and endlessly slow. “There is something big and black in the middle. Threatening, tempting, struggling. A secret that influences. What is it?” The piece ranges from the linear and systematic to the fluttering and chaotic. Jenny Nordberg’s set design and dramatic costumes combined with a twisted movement material by Martin Forsberg concludes in a visually beautiful, melancholic, mysterious and funny performance that challenges the audiens imagination.
Choreography: Martin Forsberg
Costume / set design: Jenny Nordberg
Light design: Mads Nilsen
4 dancers on stage