Norrdans challenges and relates through contemporary dance and choreography, its variations and formats. The ambition is to offer a variety of experiences, attract insight, hope and inspiration.

Since its formation in 1995, Norrdans has presented a large number of performances with choreographies of both international heavyweights and new talents in contemporary dance with special focus on the young audience.


An explosion of human presence and communication! PROXY is a work that wants to approach. A work about proximity and presence. PROXY has an urgent need to communicate and be close to you. The work examines the body’s semantics and (un)ability to convey a language. PROXY produces presence and calls for momentum of NOW, like a thrill. In PROXY, made by choreographer Martin Forsberg, set designer Chrisander Brun and composer SØS Gunver Ryberg, the viewers experience is at stake. “I don’t understand contemporary dance” is a pivot point to create a unique experiences for every observer. Together with Norrdans eight dancers the building blocks of communication will be examined. You can expect sparkling asymmetry, intense speechless discussion and maybe an opportunity to hold someones hand.

Choreographer: Martin Forsberg.
Set, light and costume designer: Chrisander Brun.
Composer: SØS Gunver Ryberg.
8 dancers on stage.
World premiere: Oct 5th 2019

HUMAN AFTER ALL is a choreographic work for two dancers built around the idea of ​​facelessness. About that we have to distance ourselves from humanity to be able to talk about it. We must become someone else, in the form of an unknown being to become aware of what makes us human. Russian choreographer Olga Tsvetkova works in Human after all with the concept of facelessness. By hiding the entire faces of the dancers, she strives for the transformation into anonymous bodies seeking new ways of communicating and being together. Olga is interested in working on the following questions: Can the spectator feel empathy for organisms that have no eye contact with them? Can the physical characteristics of these faceless creatures provoke another type of empathy? How does a faceless body show human emotions?

Choreographer: Olga Tsvetkova.
2 dancers on stage.
World premiere: October 25th 2019

IN SERVICE is about the availability of performers*. How do they make themselves available to perform, appear in front of a public and become subjected to the audience’s gaze, expectations, desires, judgment or even disapproval?  What do they consent to offer? What is their motivation to place themselves in this position? How far are they able or willing to go to satisfy their own needs, those of their colleagues and what they assume to be the wishes of the spectators? And why do they subject themselves to this? What would a rebellion look like? IN SERVICE displays the dancers, personal portraits locked together in a choreographic machine of perpetual availability. Always ready to serve with the best of intentions. What could go wrong? 

* (or) IN SERVICE  is about the state of availability of performers.

Choreographer: Keren Levi.
8 dancers on stage
World premiere: March 28th 2020

With VI KAN GÖRA VA DU VILL, Ludvig Daae wants to explore how we can think differently about expressions of national identity. As a child in Hallingdal in Norway, he went to folk dance and loved to jump around in his folk costume. Today it feels a bit unpleasant. Right-wing extremists are trying to take over the discussion of national identity in Scandinavia and today Daae experiences that more and more attributes from the folk culture have been distorted to become the expression of nationalism and racism. For that reason, he has opened his eyes to folk dance again.

Choreographer: Ludvig Daae.
Costume designer: Tove Berglund.
8 dancers on stage.