Fors Works

Fors Works is the project formation around the choreographic work of Martin Forsberg.
Forsberg’s work is made by questioning topics and contexts, turned into choreography. Stroking reality via theatrical awareness, the work is trying to question dance as an art form, through dance.

Weather investigating the relation between feminism, DIY and taste (Comic Sans), the fusion between Russian totalitarian bodies and the contemporary male body (работа) or searching for the sensational pathos of gay anonymous cruising (In the Pretty Boy’s Mouth), dance is always present and challenged.

In 2016 Fors Works is creating and touring ULTRA, 10 white men investigates nationalism and fascism through synchronized choreography. Fors Works is also starting their new collaboration with Goblin Party from South Korea in the summer of 2016. More info to come.


ULTRA – 60 min
On stage are ten white men dressed in functional clothing. They are dancing in synchrony while they go through conflicting feelings about the total surrender to the group.

They have to stay in motion to be in synchrony. The men are constantly striving to do the exact same thing at the same time. And there is no room for chance or diversity. As a group they have to bring support, on going movement and resistance.

There is a force in ULTRA. The ultra-synchronous is so synchronous that it goes beyond the human possible. Where man/human would be mechanical. ULTRA is beyond what we already know.

The synchronous body is apprehended as less human, because acting humanly you are bound to make mistakes. ULTRA raises the question if there is a real possibility of a “together” in unity. Uni means one but to be one with others is physically impossible. Where is the individual left in the unity with others?

Comic Sans – 60 min
A performance on the notions of taste, feminism, DIY and consumption.
Using their wit, intellect and ferocious physicality, 4 killer, female performers undertake the challenge of documenting the tyranny of aesthetics.

In the Pretty Boy’s Mouth – 60 min
An installation with dance as a hub enclosed by a sense-oriented, pulsating universe.
A bold and controversial performance on the notion of homosexual conduct. Using the dancing body as a vessel to express a hidden struggle of desire and moral.