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Off / Balance

In the middle of Jyväskylä, Central Finland, lays the fresh and unpredictable Dance Company Off/Balance. Since establishment in 2010 artistic directors Elina Häyrynen and Terhi Kuokkanen have generated the company a versatile repertoire alongside international recognition (performances at ICE HOT and tanzmesse nrw). Their works have been performed at factories, museums, galleries, beaches and forests …

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Gunilla Heilborn

This is not a love story photographer: Stefan Bohlin Gorkij Park 2 photographer: Stefan Bohlin Gunilla Heilborn touches the minds and hearts of her audiences. With cinematic timing and dry humour, she shows us the extraordinary by presenting the ordinary. Her interest lies in themes such as collectivity, self-inflicted alienation, idealism, nonsense philosophy, and the …

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Glims & Gloms Dance Company

Nom de Plume photographer: Ilpo Vainionpaa Ample Moon Parrots in Paris Amateurs photographer: Ilpo Vainionpaa Quartet for the End of Time photographer: Ilpo Vainionpaa Extended Family Glims & Gloms is a Finnish award-winning dance theatre full of touching comedy, surprising humour and elevating dance. Glims & Gloms is known for its fascinating, mythical and symbolic …

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