Off / Balance

In the middle of Jyväskylä, Central Finland, lays the fresh and unpredictable Dance Company Off/Balance. Since establishment in 2010 artistic directors Elina Häyrynen and Terhi Kuokkanen have generated the company a versatile repertoire alongside international recognition (performances at ICE HOT and tanzmesse nrw). Their works have been performed at factories, museums, galleries, beaches and forests along black-boxes.

As the biggest dance company of Central Finland Off/Balance produces 1–3 premiers/co-productions per year with visiting choreographers and artists (e.g. Mikko Hyvönen, Simo Kellokumpu & Vincent Roumagnac, Teemu Kyytinen, Veli Lehtovaara and Anna Mustonen). They have collaborated with fashion designer, parkour-professionals, musicians and actors.

Upcoming 2017
Friend Ship of Child Hood (working title) – chor. Veli Lehtovaara


crystal pieces: human beings (2016)
Choreographer: Mikko Hyvönen
Guided by three performers the performance examines humanity, consciousness and being together. Suitable for various sites, premiered at art museum and gallery.

Hutiklubi (2015)
Concept and choreographer: Jukka Tarvainen
A unique concept that collides contemporary dance with interactive theatre-improvisation. Outcome is an entertaining performance that flirts with serious danceart and with the audience. 2-4 performers + musician + optional guests (with 1,5 h rehearsal time).

“Can’t remember when have I laughed this much at a contemporary dance performance.”

“ – – – surprising performance magic was born.”


Void2 (2014)
Choreographer: Teemu Kyytinen

A solo moving in the midst of the audience and transforming the energy of the space with a dance video that creates a tunnel to another place and time. Combined with photo exhibitions and performed at e.g. in black-box and galleries.

Free Fall (2013)
Choreographer: Panu Varstala
Experimentation, improvisation, acrobatics, humour and letting go. Acoustic music and brilliant performers (3 dancers, 2 musicians + 2 optional parkourists) create an intimate and warm-hearted experience. Has been performed e.g. in an old factory and at forest.

“Airy, emancipated and exceedingly humorous contemporary dance performance that surprises until the very end.”



Void (2013)
Duration: 45 min.

Void tells about nothingness as a state where one proceeds from thoughts to action. Manic and virtuosic movement surrounded with a delicate and nuanced light design and scenography. 3 dancers in black-box.

“Hectic modern time recurs in the dancers’ movement language, and the intensity of the performers – the whole work of art – was enormous. The technical and expressional finesse of Off/Balance’s Terhi Kuokkanen and Elina Häyrynen is already well-known and guest-performer Ulla Väätäinen was an equal member of the group.”