Gunilla Heilborn

This is not a love story
photographer: Stefan Bohlin

Gorkij Park 2
photographer: Stefan Bohlin

Gunilla Heilborn touches the minds and hearts of her audiences. With cinematic timing and dry humour, she shows us the extraordinary by presenting the ordinary. Her interest lies in themes such as collectivity, self-inflicted alienation, idealism, nonsense philosophy, and the humour in imperfection and in the failing of grand ideas.

”Doubt and uncertainty also find a place, next to the aforementioned trust in the universality of one’s own interest in stage form. The key to the latter lies in the work process and performance: the individual – the collective is almost always a theme, the form often a group work of unique performing artists.” Dagens Nyheter (SE) about 37 Hours and 3 Minutes

Gunilla’s body of work includes Potato Country (2007), Alaska (2009), The Five Year Plan (2009), This is not a love story (2011), Gorkij Park 2 (2014), The Knowledge (2015), The Wonderful and The Ordinary (2017), Why I Wear This Shirt (2016), The Long March (2016), The Book (2018), Monument (2019), Give It Some Time (2020), 37 Hours And 3 Minutes (2022).

Available for touring 2022:
Why I Wear This Shirt
Give It Some Time
37 Hours and 3 Minutes

Mercury, premiere in November 2022 at Norrlandsoperan, Umeå (SE)