Gunilla Heilborn

This is not a love story
photographer: Stefan Bohlin

Gorkij Park 2
photographer: Stefan Bohlin

Gunilla Heilborn touches the minds and hearts of her audiences. With cinematic timing and dry humour she shows us the extraordinary by presenting the ordinary. Her interest lies in themes such as collectivity, self-inflicted alienation, idealism, nonsense philosophy, and the humour in imperfection and in the failing of grand ideas. The company gives around 30 performances annually; in Stockholm, at Dansens Hus, MDT or Kulturhuset/Stadsteatern and on tour nationally and internationally. Productions like Potato Country, Alaska, The Five Year Plan, This is not a love story and Gorkij Park 2 have rendered her invitations to some of the most prestigious performing arts festivals in Europa and Asia. In the season 2014-2015 Gorkij Park 2 and This is not a love story are on the repertoire and a new production, The Knowledge, is on its way. In Gorkij Park 2 the bitter cold and fading dreams of utopia play the leading roles. In This is not a love story, the story becomes not about the destination, but the transformation and the reflection along the way.


The Knowledge (2015)
Concept Gunilla Heilborn and Kim Hiorthøj.
A co-production with Regionteatern Blekinge Kronoberg.
Gunilla Heilborn, now finally on stage herself, takes us through a winding essay on the brain and its ability to navigate in the world. THE KNOWLEDGE – a Performance Lecture that will make your brain grow.

This is not a love story (2011)
Concept Gunilla Heilborn
Choreography and text Gunilla Heilborn in collaboration with Johan Thelander and Kristiina Viiala
Dancers Johan Thelander, Kristiina Viiala
Set and costume design Katarina Wiklund
Light design Miriam Helleday
Music Kim Hiorthøy
Sound design Johan Adling
Technical supervision Lumination
Production management Magnus Nordberg/Nordberg Movement
Tour manager Emmy Astbury
Managing director, international management Åsa Edgren/ Loco World
This is not a love story is a coproduction between Gunilla Heilborn, NorrlandsOperan, Göteborgs Dans- och Teaterfestival with the support of EU’s culture program through NXT STP and Dansens Hus.

Gorkij Park 2 (2014)
Concept Gunilla Heilborn
Choreography & text Gunilla Heilborn and the performers
Performers Kristiina Viiala, Johan Thelander, Henrik Vikman and Salka Ardal Rosengren et al.
Sound Design & Music Franz Edvard Cedrins
Set Design & Costumes Katarina Wiklund
Light Design Miriam Helleday
Production Management Tove Dahlblom/ MDT
National and International Distribution Åsa Edgren/Loco World
Co-producers Steirischer herbst (NXTSTP), Göteborgs Dans- och Teaterfestival (NXTSTP), MDT.
This project is co-produced by NXTSTP, with the support of the Culture Programme of the European Union.