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Don Gnu

DON GNU – Physical Theatre is an artistic collaboration that focuses on dance and physical theatre, both on stage and screen. We use a direct, expressive and very physical language and often have a great impact on young audiences. The company’s name – and the basis for collaboration and artistic development – is built around …

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Charlotta Öfverholm

“After 25 years they have nothing more to prove. Only the strong longing to be themselves, to mold what means the most to shake the world wordlessly, bottomless and carefree”. Raw physical dance theatre with depth, irony, brutality and humor. Since 1995 Charlotta Öfverholm has creates over 30 production, which have toured all over the …

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Gunilla Heilborn

This is not a love story photographer: Stefan Bohlin Gorkij Park 2 photographer: Stefan Bohlin Gunilla Heilborn touches the minds and hearts of her audiences. With cinematic timing and dry humour she shows us the extraordinary by presenting the ordinary. Her interest lies in themes such as collectivity, self-inflicted alienation, idealism, nonsense philosophy, and the …

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