Krosness & Pekula Collaborations

Krosness & Pekula Collaborations is a collaboration between dance artists Disa Krosness & Erika Pekula Pettersson. They started working together in late 2012 with the piece Duolog that’s playing for young and adult audiences around Sweden and Norway. Their latest production is an independent sequel of Duolog called Piles of waste, fate and fortune (Öde(s)högar, Swedish title), where their collaboration with poet and sound artist Dr Bu continues. They also created the dance-­film Drottninggatan and the site-specific piece Dans på Bauers Brygga. For the season 2014/2015 Krosness & Pekula Collaborations offer two productions; Duolog and Piles of waste, fate & fortune.


Duolog Monolog + Dialogue = Duolog. Where everything and nothing is said between the lines In the piece Duolog we follow two characters having a physical conversation conducted by Dr Bu. The physical dialog between the two characters on stage is influenced by the absurdity in Dr Bu’s cacophony of statements. The relation between them can be described as a silent agreement of being awkward. They are accessible in the simplest of ways through the unspoken language of friendship. When you watch Duolog you are invited to relate on a physical and emotional level without the demand of an intellectual analysis. Piles of waste, fate & fortune Swedish title: “Öde(s)högar“ We carry our naivety, loneliness and longing. Together we constitute the backside of all social conventions. Let’s walk together, but on opposite sides of the road. And then let’s bump in to each other, occasionally. In Piles of waste, fate and fortune you will experience humour, power play and awkward silence­‐ a meeting where poetry gives new meaning to movement and where dance fills in between disjointed words and sentences. Piles of waste, fate and fortune plays with the melancholy of the northern culture where everyday life is sufficient, “normal” and safe. It deals with how we approach each other; seek comfort and love and how hard it can be. The music is made by voices in layers, mixed with recorded poetry. It’s a dance theatre performance where distinct movement language together with mimic and gesture really connects with the audience.

In Perfect. Tajming, we visit spaces in time. Future, Past, the Now and the Dream. Everything has its own time- and these are our, times.
Choreography & performance | Disa Krosness & Erika Pekula Pettersson
Music | Max Cooper, Claude vonStroke, Joni Mitchell, Frank Sinatra & Antônio Carlos Jobim.
Text | Disa Krosness, Joni Mitchell & Drake. Read by Marc Nelson