Ingrid Olterman Dans

Ingrid Olterman Dans was established in 1999 by choreographer and artistic leader Ingrid Olterman.

The company creates dance performances where the audience plays an integral role and with an interest in creating multi-sensory stage works. Significant for the artistic work is the fine balance between humour, warmth, musicality and creativity. Each performance piece is developed with original music to inspire the audience.

The company is presented by organizations in Sweden and abroad. On average they perform over 100 times a year. The works of Ingrid Olterman Dans has toured both nationally and internationally (since 2006) and has been translated into numerous different languages.

Ingrid Olterman Dans is funded by the Swedish Arts Council, Region Stockholm, the City of Stockholm and the Swedish Arts Grants Committee.


A creative performance for the younger audience that investigate the meaning of objects gathered in nature. An imaginary journey through dance and music and various sticks. The performance’s text is written by award-winning author Eva Lindström and is performed by one male dancer and one female percussionist. 
Premiere in 2021
For children +3 years

is a performance and an installation in one, where choreographed and improvised events take place.
Dance, music, sculpture and bodies fill the space, consisting of different islands, all created by professional artists and children.
Premiere in 2017
For children 3-6 years old

Shelter Trees
Together we build a cabin, a cabin of leaves. Can you see me? Shelter trees is a performance about friendship, building something and philosophy from a child’s perspective. International tours in 2015 and 2016. This performance includes video works.
Premiere in 2013
For children 3-6 years old and families

Friction – How does it feel?
Two dancers and one musician are inside a playfield, exploring various items, bodies and feelings. Some of them slippery, some rough, some leaning some facing up. The audience are experiencing the performance on a very close distance.
Premiere in 2019. 
For children 4-9 years old