Claire Parsons CO

Choreographer Claire Parsons and her company present innovative, high-quality performance art for young audiences. The work is acclaimed for its stunning visuals, exquisite performers and perfectly balanced interaction with the spectators. With playful elegance, humour and warmth, audiences are invited into exciting new worlds together with the performers.

2018 Claire Parsons received the prestigious Cullberg Award from the City of Stockholm including a prize sum of 100.000 SEK. The Cullberg Prize is awarded to a choreographer, dancer or a dance company who has creatively contributed to the development within the field of Dance.


Join us outdoors for a moment of delicious dancing and music, with movement, juggling and a yellow companion in Claire Parsons Co’s new production YELLOW.

YELLOW is an outdoor performance suitable for open spaces and public spaces, a park or a museum. YELLOW suits audiences from 3 and up.

“Three dancers show up at a place close to you. A yellow ball rolls across your space. A cone stands next door, red clubs fly by and a yellow companion appears.”

In a blue room with a black reflecting floor and Greek statues two figures appear. Or – maybe they are three? They join forces and travel in parallell realities where they experience swooning feelings, wilfullness and courage. SOON SWOON is dance, juggling and mime in an immersive experience for all from 9 years and up.

The company’s signature work MARMALADE (for audiences from 2 years) is a delicate, sensory and tactile piece about meeting and mixing, sensing and seeing. MARMALADE has performed over 350 shows in Sweden and internationally, including De Betovering Festival in Holland, Festival d’Hiver Domaine D’O in France, Kids Festival in Italy, Summer Stage in New York and Act3 Festival in Singapore.

In a landscape where everything is covered with grass, we join an adventure with down to earth dancing and coffee dreams. From 4 years and up/family audiences. A collaboration with the Marionette Theatre in Stockholm.

Five performers move together with the audience in an exploration of self and togetherness, in suggestive images and materialistic sounds. For family audiences.