Weld Company


Weld, an artist-run, experimental platform in Stockholm and artistic director, choreographer Anna Koch, initiated Weld Company in 2012 – a project running three months a year 2013-2015 during the fall season. Weld Company is aiming to rediscover and re-valuate the old institution of a dance company and is updating the company form through a collective work conducted by one of Weld’s clearly given structures, with room for spontaneous, individual wishes and needs. Weld Company could be seen as an enabling structure where new constellations and ideas evolve. The main focus is on the space freed to practice the art form. To become the dancing body, the dancing community and through this pose questions about dance and choreography today. A second Weld Company takes shape in 2014. The company members are: Anna Westberg (SE), Pär Sacklén (SE), Caroline Byström (SE), Elias Girod (SE), Pavle Heidler (CRO) and Josefin Larsson-Olin (SE). Choreographers Rebecka Stillman (SE) and Julian Weber (DE) are invited to create work for the company.

CURRENT WORK 2014-2015

Weld Company 2013
Weld Company 2014