WE GO is a band and dance company founded in 2004 by choreographer/dancer Kirstine Kyhl Andersen and composer/guitarist Niels Bjerg with an international ensemble of seven musicians and dancers. They investigate possibilities of embodying musical functions and transform them into unique experiences of choreographed concert-performances. Their dancing concerts have been presented at both theatres and music venues in Europe and North America.

If Björk and Blue Man Group had several love children they would undoubtedly look something like WE GO in their latest production Music From Movement. The ensemble merges into a single organism of bodies and instruments. Their movements create the sound and music emerges from choreography in a humorous and tightly composed mechanism.
Music From Movement is co-produced by Paradiso Melkweg Productiehuis in Amsterdam (2012).

In 2013 WE GO made their first production specifically aimed at young audiences with the mini version of Music From Movement.


Music From Movement – mini