Choreographer and dancer Virpi Pahkinen’s works are full of secrets; she can be a warrior of the spirit, a spectral gardener or a shaman in metamorphosis. She offers dance as an incantation and creates a meditative atmosphere with her original choreography. She is well known for her stunningly chiselled shapes and almost otherworldly moves.

Pahkinen has been successfully touring the world in her dual role as choreographer and solo dancer and her performances have received critical acclaim in over 45 countries. She has been awarded several prices in a.o. Litteris et Artibus, 1st Choreography Prize in Stuttgart and the City of Stockholm’s Cullberg Prize. She has made commissioned works for The Finnish National Opera Ballet, Ballet Poznanski, The Vietnamese Opera Ballet and Skånes Dansteater. Pahkinen has taken part as a dancer in several of Ingmar Bergman’s productions at the Royal Dramatic Theatre and also appeared in films and on TV. Her debut literary work Serpent holder was published 2009.

Virpi Pahkinen was born in Finland. She studied piano in the Conservatory of Helsinki and trained on the choreographer course at the University College of Dance in Stockholm 1989-1992.


From Hildegard von Bingen to shimmering marimba techn: six dancers as zoomorphic figures from the historic layers of time. Trilobites, sea anemones and a stray mermaid in this piece characterized by humour and a sensational calm

“A clear and enigmatic picture of life’s metamorphosis.” Svenska Dagbladet

A versatile and enigmatic work in which a large group forms visual puzzles. The piece is staged with twenty advanced dance students and four professionals. Thrilling solos rise from the breath waves of the corps de ballet.

”With razor sharp precision the bodies seem to bring about supernatural formations.” Swedish Radio

Virpi Pahkinen with duet partner Pontus Sundset Granat are a stylised duo characterised by reflections, seeking contact and dependence.

“An extra-terrestrial – like the soundscape – exploration where the dancers give and take energy from each other before calm hand movements rain out in the silence.” Dagens Nyheter

Three solos, between 9-13 minutes long  – MORPHO Z, KALAGNI and SPIDER – can be performed separately and are even suitable for site-specific and outdoor venues.

“Chameleon woman, choreographer of symbols, androgynous dancer, Virpi Pahkinen opens the doors of imagination, mediation, perception and interpretation.” L´hebdo Magazine, Lebanon

New piece BLACK RAINBOW premiers on  November 18th 2020 at Dansens Hus, Stockholm SE). BLACK RAINBOW will tour 10 Swedish cities in spring 2021 as part of the Dancenet Sweden touring scheme.

Photos: Jose Figueroa