Th’Line has developed an intriguing way of balancing humour and seriousness to challenge conventions and comment weaknesses and cultures in society.
Th’Line are carelessly mixing references from different dance genres and playing rudely around with clichés and taste. They are known for having a strong connection with the audience and how they intimately unveil their personalities within their concept. Their political undertone has caused a lot of engagement and discussions how humour in dance can cause friction and question problematic subjects like power structures and stereotype around gender.
The company is led by the dancers Ida Wigdel and Kristina Søetorp, known from Ingun Bjørnsgaard Project and Zero Visibility Corp. They work in close collaboration with their light designer Evelina Dembacke.


Trynet Ditt (Your Face)
Th’Line has an interest in combining the lookism popular culture and the more unavailable arts and therefor produced this piece in a corner of a bar where it played every Thursday night for a month. It starts with a beautiful intimate folk song and ends up completely spaced out on a blacklight trip. Ida, Kristina and the musician Hans Martin all dance, sing, act, play and do the lights. This piece is good festival material.

Near. Far. Wherever You Are.
This big scale piece was programmed two years in a row by the Dance House of Oslo for sold out houses. It is an unconventional celebration to dance and contains a mixture of dancers and actors you would never expect. This piece takes turns and transformation that is impossible to predict and leaves you euphoric.