Siri & Snelle

Through numerous performances, Siri & Snelle have developed a personal style unrestrained by conventional genres. They playfully incorporate elements from a variety of dance techniques, as well as narrative theatre, talk-shows and live music, blending them with humor and self-irony. Drawing upon both high and popular culture, as well as the completely uncultured, they highlight numerous social undercurrents in their work. They often reference subjects that are uncomfortable, claustrophobic, or unacceptable. As social norms are often the strongest limitation to creative expression, the duo often intimately dissect their own personal spheres in order to collapse cultural divides and eliminate shame.

Siri & Snelle have presented their work in Norway, Europe and USA. 15th March 2016 Siri & Snelle premiered a new work I am Cosmos at The House of Dance in Oslo (NO).
In spring 2015 they create a commissioned work for Carte Blanche Company (NO) and spring 2016 they commissioned for Oslo Academy of the Arts.


I am Cosmos
Siri & Snelle trie in I Am Cosmos to find their place in the world – within the immediate and everyday, as well as within the infinite reaches of space and time.
Ambivalence: is it possible to embrace and distill this elusive substance into a concrete form? Leaping between the personal and the universal, the physical and the metaphysical, Siri Jøntvedt and Snelle Hall compress the cosmic. I Am Cosmos examines the infinite contained within our mundane realities, hidden beneath our situational universes.

Far Away From the Buzz of Business
GRUMS draws towards the outskirts of our sanity as it may associate with horror movies, animals of some sort or transforming into being a mid-life crisis of the upper-class women, thrashing about, questioning their lives, directionless.

The Closet
Out of the closet oozes female aggression, primal dancing, a pang of jealousy and forbidden feelings.
What a relief that openness has become so hip!
But can all secrets be revealed?
Can the ugly ever be trendy?
And has bitterness become the new social disease?

Making Amerika
Siri & Snelle are never happy with status quo. This time they have decided to delve into their own escapism – but what are they longing for exactly? To figure this out, they navigate their artistic map, finding tableaus of text, passiondancing, some sentimental self-scrutiny and their own ironic twist. Along for the ride, is the uncategorizable musical trio called Huntsville, who wraps it all up in a mesmerizing soundscape.