Shake It Collaborations

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My Own Bodies

Shake it Collaborations (SiC) is a Stockholm based, internationally working company operating in the fields of performance, dance, theatre and opera. Shake it Collaborations functions as a platform to share artistic ideas and it also provides means for research and a creative context for invited collaborators through its projects. The company is expanding and reshaping, from project to project, depending on the different collaborators.

The SiC projects often host an intrinsic critique to power structures in society, and they investigate body and identity politics. Furthermore, they propose alternatives on how to shake up the existing formats of theatre and social conventions. Instead of departing from one expression, SiC starts from a concept and then chooses the most suitable form and format to address the topic and context.
SiC was founded by Tove Sahlin & Dag Andersson 2012 and since 2016, Tove Sahlin is the artistic director of the company.