Robin Dingemans

Robin Dingemans is a choreographer and performer who works primarily in Sweden & the UK. Robin’s works are often grounded in conceptual or philosophical frames, that implicitly explore political & sociological propositions. He plays freely with the boundaries of choreography, experimenting with devising processes and potential outcomes, which include dance for the stage, non traditional performance spaces, video, social dances & publications. Robin has been supported, commissioned & presented by many organisations in Sweden, UK & internationally including Weld, Sadler’s Wells, ArtsCross Beijing and many more.

Available for touring: The Door is a dance performance for children aged between 2-6 years. The Door has toured Sweden and the UK & have played for over 150 performances. The Assimilation Project, a one to one performance that explores migration/integration, collective & individualistic societal factors. Upcoming: Grunkan Funkar, commissioned by Regionteatern Kronoberg Blekinge


The Door
Playful, intelligent, witty, original and gently interactive dance work for children ages 2 to 6 years. Two superb dancers take the audience on a journey of the infinite potential of the creative imagination. This internationally touring work features a sublimely minimalist set design interlaced with colourful choreographic detail and original sound and costume design.

The Door is about how the imagination enables us to go from nothing to something, from nowhere to somewhere. How, if given the space and the time, we can dive into worlds, experiences and sensations that truly take us somewhere else.

The Assimilation Project
The Assimilation Project is a one on one performance that takes a nuanced approach to ideas that are mostly addressed crassly & reactively. It implicitly explores migration/integration, collective & individualistic societal factors. It adopts and imbricates the ideas of philosophies of others. Besides the perfomance itself a variety of results, traces and documentations in the form of ideas, exchange, dance, texts, video & more emerge.
 The Assimilation Project is supported by Konstnärsnämnden through project funding and Weld, Stockholm.