Nagelhus Schia Productions

Nagelhus Schia Productions was founded in 2017 as one of the three Norwegian dance companies with permanent public funding. Founder and Artistic Director Guro Nagelhus Schia and Assistant Artistic Director Vebjørn Sundby have a long track record as dancers, choreographers and actors. Over the past two decades they have toured nationally and internationally, working with some of Norway and the world’s most acclaimed contemporary dance companies and choreographers.  The company’s mission is to create, produce and promote dance productions of the highest quality on an international scale by inviting national and international choreographers – both renowned masters, as well as emerging innovative artists to create new works. The company will also deliver a vast array of education and outreach projects, intensive training and apprentice schemes. In addition to the funding from Viken fylkeskommune, the company is supported by Talent Norge, Sparebankstiftelsen and Bærum Municipality.

The company is based in Studio NSP in Sandvika, Norway. 

Current productions and projects

Triple Bill
By Hege Haagenrud (NO), Melanie Lane (AU), Guro Nagelhus Schia & Vebjørn Sundby (NO)

Three pieces created especially for the eight dancers in Nagelhus Schia Productions’ AMP talent development programme for young practitioners.

Melanie Lane: Crushd
An audiovisual experience, Crushd responds to the new circumstances we face from COVID 19, as artists that work with our bodies through a sharing of energy and intimacy collectively with an audience. Together with Berlin-based film-maker Ashton Carlisle Green, 3D animator Martin Böttger and UK based music producer Christopher Clark, we re-imagined a realm where we can transcend the physical limitations that we have been challenged with and reflect the new world we are navigating alone-together. Crushd reflects the poetry of solitude, collapsed dreams, diss-embodied dances and collective desire.

Hege Haagenrud: White Noise
White Noise is a monotonous and constant sound that contains all audible frequencies. White noise blocks out other sounds and is used as a muffler in office landscapes and earphones among others. Hege Haagenrud uses interviews with Boris Johnson as a starting point. White noise is used as a metaphor for politicians (often older, white men) who talk a lot in order to disguise a certain point. The flow of information becomes like an eternal waterfall, background noise that no one really listens to.

Guro Nagelhus Schia & Vebjørn Sundby: 960 seconds
960 Seconds deals with the concept of time. Talking about time as something that passes extremely quickly creates a feeling that we cannot keep up, that propagates into the subconscious as a collective feeling of guilt, of constantly being in arrears. We no longer have the same rhythm. Some have a very fast pace of life, while others live a ‘slow life’, on hold, in boredom, however, they have become almost invisible. They do not stand out in the same way because they have withdrawn, they have in many ways ‘jumped off the carousel’. 
These were the thoughts we were working from when we were halfway through the rehearsals and the coronavirus came and caused he society to stop. Emptiness was left behind …

Premiere: September 2020, Bærum Kulturhus, Sandvika, Norway

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