Nagelhus Schia Productions

Nagelhus Schia Productions was founded in 2017 as one of the three Norwegian dance companies with permanent public funding. Founder and Artistic Director Guro Nagelhus Schia and Assistant Artistic Director Vebjørn Sundby have a long track record as dancers, choreographers and actors. Over the past two decades they have toured nationally and internationally, working with some of Norway and the world’s most acclaimed contemporary dance companies and choreographers.  The company’s mission is to create, produce and promote dance productions of the highest quality on an international scale by inviting national and international choreographers – both renowned masters, as well as emerging innovative artists to create new works. The company will also deliver a vast array of education and outreach projects, intensive training and apprentice schemes. In addition to the funding from Viken fylkeskommune, the company is supported by Talent Norge, Sparebankstiftelsen and Bærum Municipality.

The company is based in Studio NSP in Sandvika, Norway.

Current productions and projects

Realness is a sarcastic parody by the internationally renowned choreographer Daniel Proietto. Playing with the format of reality TV competition shows, Realness forces us to look beyond the extravagant facade and confront our own prejudices and decadence.

In this dark comedy the audience will be confronted with very important topics such as racism, bullying, rape, abuse of power and manipulation. Proietto wishes to raise awareness on these relevant issues of our time and speak about their place in the entertainment industry.

Proietto and Guro Nagelhus Schia will be acting against the dancers in Realness, playing two ruthless characters: The Camp Maestro and The Producer, two people that will stop at nothing to raise the ratings of their TV show, shedding light to how cynical Reality TV can be and is in many countries.

Realness blends elements of dance, drama, comedy and film. The talented dancers from NSP 2 display a wide range of movements, expressions, emotions and personalities in the personification of 7 colourful contestants: The Wannabes. Realness also features a number of high-profile performers, including Mimi Devine, Niklas Gundersen, Silya Nymoen, Vebjørn Sundby and Alan Lucien Øyen.

Realness is streaming on 5 and 6 March 2021 2021: Click here to go to the streaming.





White Noise


960 Seconds

3 and 4 February 2021: Realness

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