Molitrix Scenekunst

Molitrix Scenekunst (MoS) is a performance company working with electronic music, voice and film. The company has produced several critically well-received performances consisting of various length and character for indoor and outdoor, as well as dance films. MoS produces both independent productions and commission-based works. The company are also giving classes and workshops. MoS aim to produce and show performances that are visually and physically strong and personal.

Works have been presented at Tou Scene in Stavanger, RAS in Sandnes, BIT Teatergarasjen (Meteor/Oktoberdans) in Bergen, Dance House in Oslo, Dansearena Nord in Hammerfest, DansiT in Trondheim, Agder Regional Theatre in Kristiansand, The Concert Hall in Stavanger, The Light House in Utsira and Dansescenen/Dansehallerne in Copenhagen.

Linda Birkedal completed her BA at Trinity-Laban, London. Her further education is at the University of Copenhagen, University of Stavanger and Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts (SADA). After working in London and Copenhagen for several years as a dancer, choreographer, she established Molitrix Scenekunst (MoS) with Stavanger as a base in 1999.


New work. Premiere in 2016

In between (2015)
In between is a performance work that examines the word between conceptually, investigating it in connection to place, condition or relation. The project will give attention to the plastic room or place where one is positioned between one or several places, experiencing ambivalence. The poetic potential that lies in the depths of space and in the act of opening and stretching the in between. The in between that opens up for doubt, the ambivalent, the indecisive and the slow – finding it being as important as the effective, decisive and determined.

Backup (2015)
The performance is an installation and a collaboration between media artist Servando  Barreiro and choreographer Linda Birkedal. Backup is about letting go, willingness to take risks, and making room to be able to lose oneself. In the digital world we live in, how much is intangible or perishable? One may end up living in constant fear of losing something or oneself. It includes interactive technology.

Borders of behaviour-suddenly closed (2012)
In Borders of behaviour – suddenly closed Molitrix Scenekunst examine how physical limitations, labour migration, power imbalances, borders, constraints, concept of home through personal experiences and choices, are linked to our identity and how we make our choices based upon our experiences.