Memory Wax

Memory Wax is a dance company with a strong visual expression and a captivating scenic language. Founded in 2004 by Miguel Azcue and Johanna Jonasson, the company’s critically acclaimed repertoire contains work for children, youth and adults, touring locally, nationally and internationally. Memory Wax works to create innovative meetings between audience and dance. This is reflected in their artistic creations and their arrangements of site-specific, outdoor events in collaboration with other artists and networks. Fantasy, curiosity and relationships are guidelines in our creative processes to explore movement and mind.


INSIDE OUT, a performance for the young audience, 8-12 years old, about friendship and daring to be close.
MY LITTLE BIG ROOM, a performance for the young audience, 2-5 years old, a magical mini solo, performed on a 3,5 x 3,5 m space, about letting the fantasy and curiosity take over and letting the little room become bigger.
PLAYGROUND, an interactive piece where we discover and create together with the audience. Premier in the fall 2023.
SHAPES, a multifaceted performance about the changing moments of life. A mesmerizing coproduction with the Cuban dance company Danza Teatro Retazos – 6 captivating dancers on stage. From 13 -100 years old.

Memory Wax is yearly supported by the Swedish Arts Council, Region Skåne, and the City of Malmö