Lidia Wos

Lidia Woś is a Polish-Swedish choreographer and dancer based in Malmö. As a choreographer Lidia has a natural and organic way of creating movements even though she often add an extra twist. Her choreographies are full of fantasy where new body angles and positions are suddenly revealed. But for her choreography is not only about movements. She puts a lot of attention to all details, where everything – steps, music, costumes, set, props, light etc. – is as important in the universe she creates. A universe full off images, often with an absurd and humoristic twist.

Lidia has a long experience as professional dancer in different companies for over 25 years and she has also been commissioned as a choreographer by several dance companies and theatres in Europe and USA. She can offer new creations as well as pieces already created.

In 2016 Lidia started her own project based company and her first production “Because the day was sunny” – dance theatre inspired by the poetry of Wisława Szymborska – is available on tour in 2017.


Because the day was sunny
Dance theatre where Lidia Wos’ absurd choreography universe meets the poetry of the Nobel Prize awarded Polish poet Wislawa Szymborska.