Lena Josefsson & Kompani Raande-Vo

From her childhood in former Zaire, Josefsson possesses an incomparable sense of rhythm and music. She crosses borders between different art forms, focusing on the meetings created between artists of different backgrounds. Since the very beginning, the company has attracted attention for its wide range of innovative performances. Their pieces have been adored by the public and praised by the media, and Lena Josefsson has with her Raande-Vo received a variety of awards and distinctions for her artistic work.

– We want our productions to mirror questions that reflect upon our current society, which through poetry we can open up to reflection, confrontation, and dialogue, says Lena Josefsson.

“Lena Josefsson’s work is a grand epic drama of humankind’s fragile existence, created with a moral pathos seldom seen on a dance stage. The concept is simply brilliant: Look at humankind! One sees the defenceless and lonely, but also the fantastic and beautiful. You. I.” Dagens Nyheter


I wonder if I can speak loudly about it
I wonder if I can speak loudly about it is a piece that criss-crosses through an astonishing and ghoulish life story, a story which has been left untold. The everyday blends with the brutal, death mingles with a flair for hairdo’s. Faith and trust intermixes with betrayal and disillusion, and fear with the choice to continue to live and love.

RISKZON III this is not Disneyland
RISKZON III this is not Disneyland is a performance about the exposed human being. It concerns the child’s vulnerability, and the child as a witness and a survivor in a world where some of us can travel wherever we want and always return home, while others are not welcome anywhere.