Johanssons pelargoner och dans

Johanssons pelargoner och dans (JPOD) is a performing arts group established in 2009.

They are interested in engaging the audience physically in their works, focusing on the bodily experience of the participating audience. JPOD explores the intersections between, and pushes the boundaries of, what performing arts can be, who is invited to participate in it, in which places it can take place and what it can accomplish. Their work is primarily focused on young audiences and they have a great interest in meeting people without previous experience within performing arts.

In 2022-2023, a project is carried out in 11 libraries in Sweden. In the project, the headphone piece “I’m thinking of you” (suitable from 10 years) has been created and installed in the libraries, where it will be available for 5 years. The upcoming work “Reality is round” (for 1-3 year olds) was chosen for Dansens Hus Stockholm residency in 2023. The piece premieres at Norrlandsoperan in September


The Choreography
The Choreography is a performance filled with galloping horses, confetti, bold movements, imaginary hamsters, and dance. The piece explores the world through movement and examines how the way we move can affect our thoughts and what we see and feel.

The Choreography is based entirely on the audience’s participation. All participants receive a pair of headphones, and a guiding voice gives them instructions on how to move, how to relate to one’s body and how to relate to one another. In other words, there are no dancers in the performance. Instead, the members of the audience create The Choreography together.

The Choreography is a multilingual performance that can be experienced in 18 different languages. Each person in the audience can choose whether they want to experience the performance in Arabic, Dari, English, Farsi, Finnish, German, Kurdish, Meänkieli, Northern Sami, Norwegian, Pashto, Romani, Russian, Turkish, Somali, Southern Sami, Spanish or Swedish. Regardless of language, everyone can participate together, listen to the same instructions, and share an equal experience.

The performance is suitable from 10 years, or from 7 years accompanied by an adult. Created by: Anna Haglund, Annica Styrke, Johan Sundén & Karin Wiklund

I’m thinking of you
I’m thinking of you takes place in public libraries and lets the participant discover or rediscover the library as a place. As a participant, you are invited to follow instructions through headphones and interact with the library environment in both expected and unexpected ways. The performance offers a playful opportunity to look at one of our most important public spaces with new eyes, and a chance to make the library your own.

I’m thinking of you is played as a school performance for 10-15 year olds, but is also suitable for adults. The performance takes place in a library environment and can be experienced in Swedish, English and Arabic.

Created by: Anna Haglund, Erika Sjödin, Annica Styrke, Gustav Tegby & Karin Wiklund

“Gympa” [ˈjʏ̀mːpa] is a Swedish form of group aerobic training.

Medelgympa is the result of exploring gympa as a bodily practice and social phenomenon. We are particularly interested in the kind of community that can take shape during a session of gympa. The collective rush. The gratitude. All the different bodies, ages, and tempos, sweating together to the sound of thumping bass and energizing instructions.

Medelgympa is both a performing arts event and a session of gympa. The audience is invited to participate, led by a live performer and through instructions in headphones.

Medelgympa is suitable for everyone from 13 years and up and can play both as a school performance and for the general public. It can be experienced in Swedish or English.

Created by: Anna Haglund, Annica Styrke, Ellen Söderhult & Karin Wiklund

January 10th-February 16th – The Choreography, Kulturhuset Barbacka, Kristianstad Sweden

April 21st-22nd – The Choreography at spleen *Graz international theatre festival for Children and young people in Styria, Salon Stolz, Graz Austria

August 2nd-4th – The Choreography at Bangkok International Children’s Festival, Bangkok

September 6th-7th – Reality is round, PREMIERE at Norrlandsoperan, Umeå Sweden