Jo Strømgren Kompani

Physical theatre at its very best: daring, dark, unpredictable and charged with compressed intensity. The Guardian

Expertly straddles the fragile line between humor and horror. New York Times

Jo Strømgren Kompani (JSK) is an acclaimed Norwegian repertory company with large global distribution. Over one hundred shows are performed worldwide every year, both in large national theatres and small alternative venues. The overall touring list covers about fifty countries. JSK’s home stage in Oslo is the Norwegian Opera House in Bjørvika.
The artistic style is a unique mix of dance and theatre, with puppet theatre, film, and live music often added. Another trademark is the extensive use of nonsensical languages and a distinct humoristic touch. JSK also offers performances for young audiences.

PREMIERES 2016/2017

“Fresh, new and funny!” (Dice 5) Aftenposten, Norway
THE VIRUS is a whimsical étude on the future visions of popular culture. It takes place in a near future where something has gone terribly wrong. A small team sees the opportunity to solve the problem and give the world a restart, and an android is hired for the dangerous mission. But it turns out that even machines can have their own will, conscience and not least a very charming personality.
Premiere 18 October 2016, La Fabrika, Prague.

COCO CHANEL is the third collaboration between Ulrike Quade Company and Jo Strømgren Kompani and a sought-after continuation of the particular style these two companies have created together, featuring hyper-realistic puppets, portrayal of historical people, intriguing walks between documentaric facts and provocative insinuations, and a great dash of wild imaginative theatre.
Premiere 12 April 2017, Theater Bellevue, Amsterdam.

A new dance movie by Jo Strømgren and Stein Roger Bull, following up the Rose d’Or winning “The Neighbour”. Featuring cellist Truls Mørk and collaborating dance companies 420PEOPLE (Prague) and KAGE (Melbourne). A closed café hosting a cellist playing Zoltan Kodaly’s Cello Sonata Op.8 and four individuals with a peculiar agenda. Reality goes off piste for half an hour.
Premiere Spring 2017.


For the 2016/2017 season JSK offers 12 stage productions and 2 dance films:
Coco Chanel
The Virus
The Hospital
A Doll’s House
The Kitchen
The Writer
A Dance Tribute to Ping Pong
A Dance Tribute to the Art of Football
Origin of Species
The Border
Closed (dance film)
The Neighbour (dance film)
All productions are prepared for smooth and flexible touring.