Ingrid Olterman Dans

Ingrid Olterman is a professional choreographer who has created work for more than 20 years, often in collaboration with other artists and art forms and she uses music specially composed to each performance. Her interest in creating work for the younger audience has led to a number of performances where children’s reflections play an integral role.

Significant for the work is the fine balance between humour, warmth, musicality and creativity. Each performance is developed in a process working directly with the children.

Ingrid Olterman Dans has performed for children in Korea 2009, Latvia 2007/2015, Italy 2015/2019, Spain 2016, UK 2017 and Denmark 2019. Funded by the Swedish Arts Council, Stockholm County Council and City of Stockholm.


is a performance and an installation in one, where choreographed and improvised events take place.
Dance, music, sculpture and bodies fill the space, consisting of different islands, all created by professional artists and children.
Premiere 2017
For children 3-6 years old

If Possible
How can you to create a dance performance in the space of a classroom? If possible turned out to be an adventure and a magic place where anything is possible. It is a partly interactive, dance performance where we question the idea of rules and regulations, participation and adaption.
Premiere 2016
For children 7-10 years old

Shelter Trees
Together we build a cabin, a cabin of leaves. Can you see me? Shelter trees is a performance about friendship, building something and philosophy from a child’s perspective. International tours in 2015 and 2016. This performance includes video works.
Premiere 2013
For children 3-6 years old and families

Listen to the wind
A boy’s journey through the biting wind. Obstacles appearing – we have to get past. 
It takes courage and cleverness to dare. A classic fairy tale theme presented by one dancer and one percussionist. The performance is acoustic.
Premiere 2004 and 2016
For children 4-7 years old and families

Feed me!
This performance questions the difference between man and machine through dance and music. We meet three strong women and two vintage machines that need to be looked after and taken care of in order to function.
Premiere 2014
For children 5-9 years old and families

Friction – How does it feel?
Two dancers and one musician are inside a playfield, exploring various items, bodies and feelings. Some of them slippery, some rough, some leaning some facing up. The audience are experiencing the performance on a very close distance.

Premiere 2019.
For children 4-9 years old