Forbidden Fruit
photographer: JB Photography


Forbidden Fuit

ilDance is an independent and international contemporary dance company and a production coordinating collective based in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Artistic directors, Israel Aloni and Lee Brummer, founded the company with a humble belief in diverse methods for the creation and production of meaningful contemporary dance and with great interest in the strength of a collaborative practice.

Independent choreographers, Aloni and Brummer, share a similar interest in humanity, psychology and human behaviour which translates into their signature physical languages and into the dramaturgical asset of their artistic voices, both as a team and independently.

ilDance greatly believes in crossing borders, this is evident through their collaborations with various disciplines, the scale and versatility of their productions and the inclusion of education and audience developmental activities. Additionally, Aloni and Brummer are artistically involved in various projects worldwide.


CATHARSES breaks through the confusing shells and gender-social borders. It looks at female as a flow, an energy and a power, through a magnifying glass while also zooming out and getting a view over female in the general scale of the matter.
This is a rare opportunity to look at gender as energy, as a spiritual and universal force which is totally freed from any social structure.  It is not even shaped by the social tittles of man and woman. Man is not only male and woman is not only female. We all have female forces inside us and around us, what does that mean?
CATHARSES expresses the importance of looking at a person past the extra layers of social symbolism and structure which is polar and reticulated. We have all come from a female, we all carry a female in us, we must embrace and bring forward these female forces within and around us, without the slightest fear of shame, discomfort or criticism.
CATHARSES is a celebration of female. It sets aside the combat with the rest of society and explores the rawness of an entity which is whole in itself and liberated to be so.

“The womb, like a scalp is a roundish shape. As such they demonstrate the creation of neurobiological connections in the process of creating life, or creating at all. The womb like the scalp and the moon are female by the roundness and the ability to contain which are default in their birth.”

– Israel Aloni

Two works, two choreographers, one theme.
An international contemporary dance co-production with six performers from all over the world.
Aloni and Kuperberg, converse passionately about the power of belief: How can humans sacrifice their own lives or someone else’s life for an abstract concept such as God, love, religion and art?
The acknowledgement of that mutual curiosity lay the ground for this contemporary dance production which is ignited by this quest.
The ritualistic and spiritual aspects of dance and music offer valuable tools for exploration and exposure of such obscure aspects of humanity.

“… a remarkable international cast controls the varying intensities of the movement patterns created by Aloni and Kuperberg, each in their own language. The two worlds might seem independent from each other but beyond the differences they create a unique harmony which, like the music, presents an additional dimension to both works and their mutual quests – what is a human and who are the ones facing life and faith.”

– Zvi Goren, Habama, March 2016.

An I for an I
As humans, our physical being continuously changes; An I for an I reflects on the correspondence between the ever changing physical body and the constant matter within us. What is this grid or frame of “self” on which
we hang?
The creation process engaged a diverse group of international performers that were especially chosen for the making of the work. This included over eighteen monthsof research and exploration on the subject matter.
The performance outcome is based on autobiographical events of the cast. They reveal stories, thoughts and ideas related to their past and present, such as pivotal incidents which they feel have led them to be the individuals theyare today.
The soundtrack contains interviews with the performers embedded in the original music score by DomenicoAngarano.