ICE HOT 2018

ICE HOT Reykjavík is happening December 12th – 16th 2018.

ICE HOT Nordic Dance Platform is the largest event in contemporary dance in the Nordic region. Every second year, the event draws hundreds of presenters and professionals to one of the Nordic capitals to see the best Nordic contemporary dance of the previous 2 years, selected by a jury. ICE HOT Platforms are globally recognized as an excellent event for networking in the Nordic region by professionals from around the world. ICE HOT Reykjavik will present the best of Nordic contemporary dance of the last two years, according to a jury. The artistic programme will be announced summer of 2018

About previous platforms
The first ICE HOT Nordic Dance Platform was arranged in Stockholm, Sweden,December 1st–4th, 2010, as a pilot project. The aim was to create grounds for future collaboration for joint international promotion and export of Nordic dance.Encouraged by the positive feedback, the second platform was arranged in Helsinki, Finland,  December 12th-15th, 2012. The platform was then decided to be organized every other year, moving between the Nordic countries. The third ICE HOT Nordic Dance Platform was in Oslo, Norway December 10th-14th, 2014.The last platform was hosted and organized by Dansehallerne in Copenhagen, Denmark November 30th – December 4th 2016.The next ICE HOT Nordic Dance Platform will take place in Reykjavik, Iceland December 12th -16th in 2018.