Helena Franzén

Before I Change My Mind
photographer: Håkan Jelk

To Make This Up
photographer: Håkan Jelk

Choreographer Helena Franzén creates danceworks that are physically demanding and visually strong. Her movement language has a subtle and poetic Scandinavian scent, characterized by a strong musicality. Over the years she has developed several close collaborations with musicians from the Scandinavian pop-scene, often performing live. In her works, music and movement challenge each other, creating a nerve and density running through the dynamics of the moving body. Helena Franzén has created commissioned works for The Göteborg Ballet, Skånes Dansteater, Norrdans, the EDge, London, DDT Company and the Royal Opera in Copenhagen among others. In 2011 she was awarded the Swedish Theatre Critics Dance Prize.

”Few Swedish choreographers are so generous, stimulatingly inventive and physically intelligent as Helena Franzén.”

Dagens Nyheter 2010


To make This Up A gripping duet, created for the dancers Katarina Eriksson and Elizaveta Penkova set to music by Stefan Johansson. The choreography carries the clear signature of Helena Franzén, with its detailed and precise movement language and great musicality. The audience is placed along all four sides of the stage

Meeting You A collaboration with the dancer and choreographer Ori Flomin and Helena Franzén. The original theme of the piece revolves around friendship and the complex issue of belonging. What causes and created friendships? What kind of attractive force touches and affects us and will then remain in our consciousness? How do we build up our understanding of another human being? Premiere 27 November 2014

Before I Change My Mind An intimate danced quartet with music composed by Jukka Rintamäki. The title refers to *the faltering state, to that moment when we can choose many ways, the moment before we have to take the final decision: I’ll do it before I change my mind. Premiere: 22 October 2014