For a decade, Gazart and choreographer Tali Rázga has created critically acclaimed dance performances for an audience ranging from toddlers to teenagers. The repertoire is charged with a sense of carefree playfulness, poetic sensitivity and raw energy.

Gazart’s performances for teenagers embody current topics of everyday life – what we’re all talking about, but don’t quite grasp in an intellectual sense: issues ranging from war to love or gender. When creating performances for toddlers, Gazart convincingly reflects their marvel at the simple, but magical – like drops of water or crystals of snow. Whatever the subject, it springs to life through the body language of professional dancers performing a unique and accessible style of dance. Gazart’s work is engaging and touches the funny bone, reaching out at eye level to girls and boys alike.

Gazart tours worldwide all year round with SnowEyes and DROPS for the 0-4 year olds and Apple-App-Zap for the 2-6 year olds.


Grassgreen (2018)

Shadowland (2017)
Major and Minor Secrets (2016)
DROPS (2011)
SnowEyes (2009)