Eva Ingemarsson Dance Production

Eva Ingemarsson Dance Production is a dance company based in Gothenburg, Sweden, at Atalante, a place for experimental performing arts. The choreographer and artistic director Eva Ingemarsson works with different combinations of artists, dancers, composers and visual artists. Eva Ingemarsson has worked as a choreographer since 1978. Her company has extensive experience in creating choreographic works and performances that integrate dance and choreography with photo, video and documentary interviews. Her choreography has a poetic and lyrical touch and explores the encounter between spatial and bodily identities.
Eva Ingemarsson Dance Production has been on tours in England, Russia, China, Armenia, Lithuania, Morocco, Mexico and Finland.


Five dancers, 12 large mirrors and 60 aluminum pipe.
The physical movement and the movement compositions meets a world of sounds, light illusions, a sculpture of pipes. The room fills with sixty uniform metallic objects and the emergence of a rain of shiny pipes where the dancers evoke own mirror images and sounding patterns.

solo dance by and with Eva Ingemarsson 30 min
The solo Depurazione, which means purification, got its name from the musical composition with the same name. The choreography is influenced by both the music and the room in which it moves. This is where the dance and its space is shaped and re-shaped by a blue shimmering fabric that hangs from the ceiling and covers a large part of the room. The Swedish composer Fredrik Hagstedt wrote the music in 2002, which was later recorded by the violin duo Duo Gelland. In 2012, Eva Ingemarsson performed Depurazione at Atalante in Gothenburg.

a video installation.