:DANISH+ is a showcase, presenting the very best of contemporary Danish performing arts for children and young people to theatre representatives from around the world. The showcase is, as Jeremy Boomer Stacey, Executive Director – International Performing Arts for Youth puts it: “..a very focused opportunity to see Danish work for young audiences.”
The showcase takes place in Aarhus, Denmark, every other year. With a few exceptions – dance/ non verbal – all productions are performed in English, and all presented performances are regarded equally compelling for adults and children/young people.

Along with quality, Danish performing arts for children and young people is widely acclaimed for conceptualizing the genre from an uncompromising and genuine artistic concern. Danish productions also aim for intense and intimate dialogue between stage and audience – the latter often with a size of less than 100 spectators.
:DANISH+ is organized by Teatret Gruppe 38.


The Way back Home by Theatre Braner and Teater Refleksion
Romeo & Juliet by Asterions Hus
Psycho – Street Cut by Dansk Rakkerpak
In The Beginning Was The Beginning by De Roede Heste
M.I.S all night long by DON GNU
The Evil by Folketeatret
Romeo & Juliet by MishMash
The Race by Teater O, Nørregaards Teater and Black Box Theatre
Fascinated with Apples by Teater Nordkraft
Smash by Teater Patrasket
Paradise by Teater Refleksion and De Roede Heste
HOV by TeaterBLIK
The Darkness Rests under The Bed by teater2tusind and Teatret Gruppe 38