Claire Parsons CO

Claire Parsons Co. is an award-winning dance company making clever and elegant performing arts for children. Joyous movement and fanciful sightings of life around us make the stories keen to audiences worldwide.

The innovative, high quality work by Swedish choreographer Claire Parsons is acclaimed for its stunning visuals, exquisite performers and perfectly balanced interaction with young as well as grown-ups.


The company’s signature work MARMALADE (for audiences from 2 years) is a delicate, sensory and tactile piece about meeting and mixing, sensing and seeing. MARMALADE has performed over 350 shows in Sweden and internationally, including De Betovering Festival in Holland, Festival d’Hiver Domaine D’O in France, Kids Festival in Italy, Summer Stage in New York and Act3 Festival in Singapore.

A playful treasure hunt, a puzzle and a mystery piece inspired by polyphonic experiences. For 5-12 years and families. Autism friendly.

In a landscape where everything is covered with grass, we join an adventure with down to earth dancing and coffee dreams. From 4 years and up/family audiences. A collaboration with the Marionette Theatre in Stockholm.

Five performers move together with the audience in an exploration of self and togetherness, in suggestive images and materialistic sounds. For family audiences. Premiere Nov 5th 2017 at Dansens Hus in Stockholm.