CirkusPerspektiv is a contemporary circus company based in Stockholm, Sweden. The work of the company focuses on circus expression. Artistic director, Marie-Andrée Robitaille, originally from Québec, Canada, now living in Sweden, started to tour in 1998 with pioneer company Cirkus Cirkör, for whom she introduced her work on the Chinese pole, a discipline that was then practiced only by men. In 2011 she founded Gynoïdes a multi-layered project that addresses the representation of women in circus arts. Her current researches seek alternative modes of composition in circus arts. Her latest work, Gynoïdes-Circus Female Intelligentsia, received critical acclaim when it was presented in January 2016 at Orionteatern, one of the most avant-garde Swedish stages. CirkusPerspektiv celebrates the virtuosity of the human body and aims to bend, stretch, twist and transform the way we look at humans.

Upcoming works include ANIARA – A circus Odyssey inspired by Harry Martinson’s sci-fi epic poem.


GYN♀IDES – Circus Female Intelligentia
Meet the GYN♀IDES – in a fictive laboratorial universe, between times, a chorus of women with hyper natural bodies and futuristic technological devices, are on a quest for freedom. Poking with a smile at the nature of femininity, GYN♀IDES is an all girl power act, a mixture of poetry, acrobatic virtuosity, a gentle riot,  an ode to the power of women!
The Performance is set to tour internationally from 2017 onwards.
1 hour, 15 min.
For all ages