Cirkus Cirkör

Wear It Like A Crown
photographer: Mats Bäcker

photographer: Mats Bäcker

Knitting Peace
photographer: Mats Bäcker

Cirkus Cirkör
photograph: Mattias Edwall

CIRKUS CIRKÖR is Sweden’s first and largest contemporary circus, founded in 1995. Built upon art and pedagogy, Cirkus Cirkör has grown rapidly and today consists of shows touring Sweden and the world, circus events, circus training and an internationally renowned secondary school.
Over the years, almost two million people have seen our shows. Our artistic director Tilde Björfors is the world’s first artistic professor of circus studies. Through Cirkör LAB we extend our support for cross boundary arts and science meetings, mono disciplinary research and pedagogical research. Standing ovations have met us at stages like BAM in New York, Montreal Complètement Cirque, The Roundhouse in London and Polo Circo in Buenos Aires. We are currently touring the world with three big performances, Knitting Peace, Limits and Underart.

God’s Disobedient Rib
Premiere 21 mars 2019 Dramaten, Stockholm

In Gunilla Thorgren’s book God’s disobedient rib we follow the author as she reads and analysis the bible with feminist glasses..

The book is an absurd, humours and horrifying exploration through a millennia of women’s misogyny – and of persistent female resistance. In this idea-historical journey, from the antiquity to the Renaissance, we gain a feminist historical interpretation.

Directed by Tilde Björfors.

Premiere September 2019 in Linköping

In this new Cirkus Cirkör performance you’re invited to a world of flowers, classical music and jaw dropping circus. An international cast of five multi talented artists sets out to change the world through joy, risk assessment and facing fears.

As the artists fly through the air on teeterboard, swing in trapezes and ropes, lift each other, do pair acrobatics and mouth hang, they embody the soul of circus: That you don’t have to give in to normalcy, different is good, you should be as unique as you feel.

Let yourself bloom.

Bloom has an all international ensemble with artist from Switzerland, Germany, Scotland and Costa Rica. Bloom is directed by Julien Auger and Sade Kamppila from Circus I Love You.

Premiere in Västerås, March 2016

“Tilde Björfor’s performances are characterized by an increasingly power social commitment, with recurring messages of peace and justice, and it is in this production I feel her circus activism works the best. . . “

– Cecilia Djurberg, Sveriges Radio Kulturnytt

A world of fleeing, migration and new frontiers is balanced against the artists’s individual limits in terms of risk, pain, the limitations of the group and of the body.

Are limits real or imaginary? Are they a dead end, or a motivation to search for new paths?
Someone has drawn up lines and divided the world into various delimited areas. We build fences around our gardens, walls, barricades, place armed soldiers around our countries. But human beings have never wanted to stay in one and the same place.
Limits is conceived and directed Tilde Björfors, Cirkus Cirkör’s founder and artistic director, who is also the director behind most of Cirkus Cirkör’s major successes such as Borders, Knitting Peace, Wear it like a crown and Inside out.