Christina Tingskog

Christina Tingskog’s performances are appreciated for their wit, warmth, audience interaction and compelling physicality. She challenges her young audiences with topics beyond the usual, for example Einstein’s theory of relativity, quantum mechanics and astrophysics transformed into poetic, humorous, expressive dance. Her works convey the fun of thinking and are based on how logical thinking and deduction are expressed at different ages. Her dancers, some of them differently abled, bring the daring, skill and range needed to communicate new and mind blowing thoughts. She plays with and mixes expressions, formats and contexts from dance, musical, opera and theatre.
Coming in 2016: A dance opera Probably Improbable with music for children’s instruments by composer Daniel Nelson


Probably improbable – a dance opera with libretto by Sara Granér, a comic book writer and music for children´s instrument by Daniel Nelson, opens in September 2017 at RTV Dance, Regionteater Väst in Borås and is thereafter available for touring

Astro1.0 (2015) for ages 10 -18
Strong, humorous and poetic about us humans and celestial bodies
3 dancers, suggestive projections and NASA music from the planets
Also as a project for children with special needs with dancers differently abled.

COMET (2015) a modern dance musical for ages 3-9 and family performances
About spinning circles and celestial bodies…
A playful and logic dance testing gravity and mathematics with bodies, minds and voices.

Stretch time and curve space (2012) a modern dance musical for children 3-12 years old, about time and space inspired by Einstein´s theory of relativity.

Stretch time and curve space is a great success with the young audiences Has been performed 300 times all over Sweden and was selected by the jury at bibu,se 2014 to perform at the festival. Is also performed with workshops for children with special needs.