Christina Tingskog

Christina Tingskog’s performances are appreciated for their wit, warmth, audience interaction and compelling physicality. She challenges her young audiences with topics beyond the usual, for example quantum mechanics, astrophysics and ways of logical thinking transformed into poetic, humorous, expressive dance. Starting 2018 she works with norm creative themes and formats for young audiences as another expression of thought structures and strategies. Her dancers, some of them differently abled, bring the daring, skill and range needed to communicate new and mind blowing thoughts. Christina plays with and mixes expressions, formats and contexts from dance, musical, opera and theatre and she has created works for different venues like Young at the Opera at the Royal Opera in Stockholm (2016), Science festivals as well as for small and big stages all over Sweden.


Excuse me said the moon (2018) for ages 4-9 and
Probably improbable (2017) for ages 10 – 16
Two versions for the different age groups but with the same performers and the same plot and state requirements.

About things that happens un-often or almost never
About decide or un-decide who and where you are
About all the others you could have been

A modern dance musical with texts and drawing by comics creator Sara Granér, music by composer Daniel Nelson, set design, lighting design and projections by Thomas Mirstam, costume design by Anna Kjellsdotter. Inspired by theories of quantum mechanics and plays with indeterminacy contra determinacy applied to identity and gender.

Under construction (2018) for ages 8 – 15 and for children with special needs aged 7-18
A norm creative performance, the first of three productions on the theme. A special format with30 minutes of choreographed parts with 30 min of audience interactive parts in between. A small audience sits very close to make interaction easier. Also integrated ensemble.

Lifelines – self construct (2019) for all ages
The norm creative production will be produced and performed during a collaboration, with Dunkers Kulturhus in Helsingborg, that includes junior and senior citizens together on stage with the professional dancers. Plays with how different people interpret and make sense of the events in their lives due to different norm systems.