Carte Blanche

Shadows Remain Silent
photographer: Erik Berg

Ten Duets on a Theme of Rescue
photographer: Erik Berg

We want to change the world. Having a public voice is a privilege that we can share with others. We want to work with choreographers who possess the drive and determination to address identity, nationality, borders, gender, diversity, minority, fellowship and empathy: Fierce artists – who create nuanced physical language and are willing to lay bare their vulnerabilities.

We throw ourselves into these themes with great passion and engagement. We dedicate our competence, our being and our bodies to embody these visions, to manifest these ideas and bring them to our audience. For us, the audience is vital. The audience’s interpretations and opinions breathe new and extended life into art. We take our social responsibility seriously. We are ambitious. We always take risks – and we are not scared to fail. We are not fearless, but we cannot let fear rule our lives.

SOUFLETTE by François Chaignaud
In French slang, ‘soufflette’ means blowing the smoke from one person’s mouth back into another’s. This is an intimate act during which one shares the most essential and yet ungraspable part of our existence: the air that keeps us alive and makes us high. Soufflette will be an exchange of air throughout the centuries. What if a medieval breath blew through our lips?

Musical archives from 12th and 13th century keep the memories of the first attempts at composing polyphony in the western world. The memory of those first polyphonies blows into our mouths, lungs and bodies. They confront with contemporary anthems to create unheard pieces.

Making a soufflette requires courage. With only their voices, their feet, their bodies and their dreams the dancers embark on this trip. They create their own folk made of songs, corporal percussions, ghosted dances and never-ending mutatio.
World premiere at the Bergen International Festival 2018 – 24 May in Studio Bergen