Carte Blanche

Established in Bergen in 1989 and with its home base in Studio Bergen, the company tours and develops its artistic activities both in Norway and internationally.

Consisting of 14 international dancers, the company is solidly supported by their technical qualities, their personalities and their incredible creativity. Thus, they rise to the challenge of opening up to a wide field of performances and aesthetics, which are necessary to maintain the diversity of the repertoire.

The company’s reputation allows it to be an enviable artistic partner to both renowned choreographers and a new generation of talents.

Under the artistic direction of the French choreographer Annabelle Bonnéry, the company commissions choreographers involved in social questions and who express themselves through dance. She has expanded the company’s artistic offerings to include an additional program aimed at diverse audiences, as part of its audience development and sustainability-focused framework for touring.

The director also turns to artists concerned about the encounter between different artistic fields. Carte Blanche produces new creations every season, creating thus an exciting and unique repertoire of high quality, underpinning the company’s goal to be an innovative forerunner, presenting and developing contemporary dance in Norway and abroad.


MONUMENT 0.10: The Living Monument
by Eszter Salamon. Premieres 10 March 2022 in Studio Bergen in Bergen (NO).

mellomland. The performance is co-produced by Bergen International Festival and will premiere as part of the festival on May 26 2022. 

BUT THEN, WE’LL DISAPPEAR by Frédérick Gravel (CA)

SOLIDS by Pedro Gómez-Egaña (CO)

ØY by Ole Martin Meland premieres 6 March 2020 at Bergen Borealis – a festival for experimental music at KODE 2 in Bergen (NO). Russian hooligans, occult horror and idlers. For Øy (Island), an exciting first-time collaboration between Borealis and Carte Blanche, dancer Ole Martin Meland once again turns choreographer and joins forces with the experimental pop duo Smerz, for a new commission for seven Carte Blanche dancers.

NOROROCA premieres 23 January 2020 at Studio Bergen in Bergen (NO). Nordic and Brazilian dramatic art come together when the prominent choreographer Lia Rodrigues welcomes the dancers of Carte Blanche to the Maré favela, one of the largest slums in Rio.

ECHO FLUX (double bill) by Alban Richard (FR) & Sebastian Rivas (AR) Ayelen Parolin (AR) & Ezra – Vincent CHTAIBI (FR)

KNOW HOWS by Kristin Ryg Helgebostad & Ingeleiv Berstad (NO)

SOUFFLETTE by François Chaignaud (FR)