Bobbi Lo Produktion

Bobbi Lo Produktion is a dance company that focuses on creating dance performances for a young audience. Their artistic work is in direct contact with the world around them and it’s characterized by openness, challenge, and risk-taking. The company’s artistic director Lava Markusson is interested in human behavior and how the art for a young audience can question and create dialogue around this. It is important for the company to create performances that speak to all senses and that therefore become open and inclusive. The body and the movement are always the core of the work and it is often integrated with interactive elements that lead to emotions, understanding, and insights that are difficult to reach whit a sitting audience.

Bobbi Lo Produktion is based in Malmö, Sweden, and has been creating and working in Denmark, Greenland, Norway, and The Farao Islands. The company has a strong Nordic connection and has been collaborating with a number of Nordic cultural institutions. Bobbi Lo Produktion was founded in 2018 and has been touring both nationally and internationally over the years.

Current productions and projects in 2022:

A performance between logic and fantasy.

Reali-tea takes the audience on a journey away from reality and into a surrealistic world, on their journey they meet characters who challenge their perception of identity, cultural and social norms, right and wrong, who are living in a fantasy world, and who is not… What is reali-tea?

With inspiration from Alice in Wonderland and surrealistic artists like Dalí and René Magritte, Realit-ea invites the audience into an alternative reality, a reality that can be changed and adapted to the choices of the audience…Reali-tea will be shown at Galleri CC in Malmö, premiering on 2 August 2022.

THE COLONISTS is an interactive dance performance for teenagers that will premiere in Denmark and Sweden in November 2022. Is colonization something that only belongs to our history or is it very much a reality today?

Lava Markusson and Michael Tangs COLONISTS are based on Nordic colonial history, the question is whether it is over? This satirical and interactive performance directs a critical eye at our mutual history, which many prefer to forget, and at the colonial structures that prevail today. Structures that are deeply rooted in our behavior, so deep that one becomes almost blind to failing rights and invisible hierarchies. THE COLONISTS gives the audience an opportunity to experience unexplored emotions and they exit the performance with a new view of the world.

Touring productions during 2022:

DO AS I SAY is a physical dance performance that wants to make our social behavior visible on issues of bullying and authority. The performance is interactive and both the audience and dancers receive verbal instructions from a recorded voice, but who is actually in charge?

Through abstract choreography and concrete stories, the audience is taken through an emotional and thought-provoking journey looking at how group pressure can affect us. Who has authority? Why do we all do as they say? And what happens if we don’t or if we say no? DO AS I SAY is a performance that evokes emotions and creates new thoughts in both youth and adults.

Dangerous Fish
Dangerous Fish is a dance performance for children created together with a school class from Torshavn in The Faroe Islands. What happens when we put children in charge of creating a fantasy world together with professional artists? Dangerous Fish is an abstract and adventurous tale that draws parallels between a surrealistic universe, our world’s climate problems, colonization, and identity.

The performance takes place in a multidimensional universe where everyone is called Kim and is completely alike. The Kim travels from planet to planet and stays on each planet until it is destroyed. In this performance, they have arrived on the planet Mars, where they are trapped in a strange house, which at first glance just looks like a line. When they escape the house, they experience a world full of aliens. In the clash between the Kim’s and the aliens, the unexpected happens…

I know a secret
I know a secret is an imaginative performance for 6-9-year-olds. The darkness lowers over the swamp, the fog tightens to the sound of the crocodile’s hiccups. Two lost adventurers explore their surroundings. But are they alone …?

This piece is made together with a school class from Jokkmokk, the children were part of the creative process in the making, stories, costumes, themes, music, and movements.