Art of Spectra

Since its inception in 1998 Peter Svenzon has created over 30 works and collaborated with a substantial number of artists, musicians, directors and actors from many differing theatrical genres. His own musical compositions, often electronic in form, provide the basis onto which invited musicians can play in real time.

Peter Svenzon and artist Ulriqa Fernqvist, have with the formation of Art of Spectra 20 years ago, searched for an open multi-facetted form of expression where dance, theatre, music and graphic art become a new hybrid form of theatre with a quality almost within the realms of the cinematographic sphere. The company has placed great importance on its peripatetic collaborations and residences both at home and abroad.

AOS has in recent years toured extensively internationally, hosting residencies and more. Modes of expression develop and widen, new impulses are acted on, impressions change and are processed in a new practice which deals not only with the choreographic language but also includes fieldwork and research in the form of interviews and documentation in both words and pictures.

AOS work contains visual and conceptual connections with the 1960’s experimental work of those such as Robert Ashley, John Cage and Yvonne Rainer. Svenzon’s early life as hip-hop dancer, interest in martial arts and his musical compositions push the envelope of the early 60’sradicalism even further. His language is informed by this subculture and alternative scene and the cross fertilisation of past and present modernism ties together two apparently disparate worlds into a new meaningful idiom. 


Who are u
“All human beings are equipped with habitus who individually is unique, but also bears traces of the social context they lived in.” /Pierre Bourdieu

In Who are you Peter Svenzon continues his quest to develop the integration of visual arts with movement, light and sound. The transdisciplinary work WHO ARE U, will be centered on a group of questions about how we see ourselves as people. All these issues that we have to face every day, which we have to consider. Questions that defines us and questions that we have to define ourselves through…

In the research work for the WHO ARE U and through the residencies, we have interviewed people from different backgrounds and parts of the world and have taken part in their stories and thoughts.

“With Who are you, Art of Spectra embodies the individual’s vulnerability in the world of digital codes… // …Peter Svenzon’s choreography contrasts with solo, where the powerful dancers each provide full exchange, with ensemble parties where the five in close interaction make the energy almost explode. The fragile changes are being exchanged for power outages, which sometimes turn into violence…// …A quality and development worth following.” 
Lis HellströmSveningson, Göteborgs-Posten and Danstidningen

A fragment of a memory, a memory that you do not have full access to. A picture, a sense of an event or dream. Fragments of a life, of a meeting.
The texts in the performance are based on real stories and memories from the dancers and participants in the process of the work, except from one text by Robert Ashley. The text of Robert Ashley, Purposeful Lady Slow Afternoon is from the Opera “That morning thing”, written 1968.

The difference between hug and nudge is subtle; aggression can also be an expression of contact needs. “Fragments” is about puberty and lost innocence, of crucial meetings and unpleasant experiences. There is also a kind of powerlessness before the actual memory processes, which are subjected by a dancer that comment events, conjure it.”
/ SvD, Anna Ångström

Cell #2
A production created for small places, created for three dancers
Cell#2 has also been produced as a film with the title Adjacent Movement. A collaboration between filmmaker Simon Carlgren, choreographer Peter Svenzon and STDH, Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts. Watch a trailer here.

Cell #1
A solo created for small and specific rooms/ venues. 10 min.

Tension– Upcoming work, available from 2019
Conflict between body and mind, risks and impulses. What happens if we are restricted by our rooms? When our bodies are loaded with energy in relation to each other?  To take a risk, try to read each other’s impulses…

A part of the thematic is Physics, Body and Space… on a philosophical and physical as well as through a social and political context. Sara Ahmed turn to the concept of habits to theorize not so much how bodies acquire their shape, but how spaces acquire the shape of the bodies that ‘inhabit’ them.

Tensionis a work for 5 dancers and meant to be able to play in varying venues and spaces, to be customizable based on the specific space, and to be inspired by the room’s possibilities.