Alan Lucien Øyen / winter guests

winter guests is an international touring company performing works by Alan Lucien Øyen from Bergen, Norway. They tell stories of the contemporary world with words, video, music and movement. The works are often based on real life experiences, including original text, transcribed recordings and improvisations.

Alan is one of the most exciting artists from Norway today, whose work as writer, director and choreographer is highly acclaimed. Whether it’s theatre, dance or film, his work have a highly emotional and dramatic drive. His choreographic language is complex and technically challenging.

In the spring of 2018 Øyen was among the first two choreographer ever to create a full-length work for Tanztheater Wuppertal Pina Bausch. Øyen’s work for the company – Neue Stück II – received great critical acclaim and is currently touring the world.

Øyen’s works are informed by the world around him, allowing him to draw inspiration from a myriad of sources including high-art and popular culture as well as personal conversations and experiences – always in pursuit of a sincere and human expression.

winter guests is company in residence at the new Norwegian Opera House in Oslo, presenting their avant-garde theatre and dance in the context of an opera stage.


Story, story, die
Through contemporary words and movements, Story, story, die looks at the interdependency between lies and love: The things we do to be liked. It explores how we are constantly re-arranging everyday life into stories in an attempt to craft a desirable narrative – how we “lie” about ourselves and stage reality for each other – as we meet in life or through social media. Relentlessly seeking approval – a fast and fading “conditional” love, dependent on success and happiness.
Simulacrum weaves together the true histories of two extraordinary dancers  – to create a semi-fictionalized narrative that runs through what is essentially a dream play. Seventy-six-year-old Shōji Kojima, a Japanese Flamenco dancer, and Argentinian born Daniel Proietto, trained in Kabuki, create an encounter of intercultural complexity and frustrated desire. As part of Simulacrum, winter guests is proud to premier a specially commissioned piece by Fujima Kanjuro.
America 3: SuperAmateur
For the final installment in their America Trilogy, the most political of their works yet, winter guests returns to the idea of American reality as cinematic fiction. Making a large-scale installation, a set as wide as the United States – winter guests presents the blown up theatricality of the current American discourse onto a huge “silver screen” – a gigantic wooden stage…
America 2: Psychopatriot
America’s got a story. And it’s sticking to it. But where’s it written down? Where is the ‘Great American Novel’ for today? winter guests puzzles together a new narrative from the subjective truths of ‘real Americans’ – living in America – and the company’s own delusions, and misconceptions, coming from the outside. Written during the epic 2016 U.S. elections, Psychopatriot explores how we consciously and subconsciously manipulate fact and fiction. And how easily fear can cause one to slip in to the other.
America 1: Visions of Love
Why does the whole world seem to be preoccupied with America and American culture? It seems an image or movie exists in everybody’s mind about what  “America” is.  winter guests decided to grab ahold of their assumptions; their love, loathing and prejudice, and travel to the USA to collect stories and situations for a play. The first in the America trilogy, Visions of Love is based on original text and transcripts of recorded conversations collected while traveling throughout the United States.