Zero Visibility Corp.

Zero Visibility Corp. | Ina Christel Johannessen

zero visibility corp. is one of the most acclaimed Norwegian contemporary dance companies. It is led by choreographer Ina Christel Johannessen. Since the international breakthrough in 2003 Ina Christel Johannesen and her company has thrilled audiences in 18 countries worldwide – from the Sydney Opera House, Harbour Front Centre in Toronto to the Cervantinos Festival in Mexico. Every piece is created in close collaboration with committed partners in Norway and abroad, and the works vary from duets to large scale productions.

Ina’s work is characterized by high energy in the physical movements merged with poetic and often theatrical elements. The sought-after choreographer has in addition to her own company zero visibility corp., created works for international companies such as Ballet de Monte Carlo, CCDC Hong Kong, and Cullberg Ballet, GøteborgsOperaen Dansekompani, Norwegian National Ballet & Opera as well as numerous works for Carte Blanche in Norway.


After 25 years, the company is disbanding. zero visibility corp. and its artistic director and choreographer Ina Christel Johannessen, have been one of the leading and most influential exponents of dance art in Norway, and even more so internationally. Unfortunately, the company is now bidding us farewell.

zero visibility corp. was founded in 1996 by Ina Christel Johannessen, choreographer and artistic director. After studying choreography at Oslo National Academy of the Arts, Johannessen embarked on her career immediately. This has resulted in more than 70 works, 23 of which have been with ZVC. The company has toured and produced internationally from the very start. Sydney Opera House, Théâtre National de Chaillot in Paris, Sadler’s Wells in London, Place Des Arts Montreal, Mercat de Flores in Barcelona, Movimentos in Wolfsburg, Concertgebouw in Bruges, Festival Cervantino in Mexico and Shanghai Arts Centre are some of the venues to which the company has been invited. These works have varied in size from 2 to 19 dancers. Over the course of these 25 years, 52 dancers have appeared on stage for zero visibility, as well as and important and strongly skilled technical, administrative and artistic crew behind the stage.


Premiere 7th September 2017 at The Arctic Theatre, Tromsø (Norway)

Deep inside the Global Seed Vault on the island Svalbard, in the dark and cold, the source of life and possible new beginnings are being kept. Here the world stores its future.

This scenario forms the backdrop of a new creation by choreographer Ina Christel Johannessen. The cast of 7 beautiful dancers give Frozen Songs a unique and powerful physicality, combined with poetic and often theatrical elements. With the combination of the scenographic elements, multi -media, light design and composed music this performance will create an experience out of the ordinary. Born out of the exciting encounter between international and Norwegian artists, this performance offers a unique experience which brings forth the most vital theme of today; the survival of our species.

Premiere 30th January 2020 at House of Dance, Oslo (Norway)

So, what are the possible human consequences of an encompassing fire? Merely destruction? A new possibility? Change? When there is a fire, there are ashes. In some cultures, ashes is a source of cleansing – a connection to another life. It represents nature in a changing situation. The challenge is to bring this fundamental condition of both destruction and new life into an aesthetic frame. And who or what is Monday? Just another day? The name of a child hence the future? But how can the devastating results of a fire be so tragic and beautiful at the same time? Part of the story is that tragedy is not the accident that occurs but the recognition that it is man’s destiny. An act of hubris will be punished tragically. That is also the beauty of it all – we are talking about the art of performance since before the Greek mythologies.

«When Monday came» demonstrates how dance is brilliantly created for the sense of the presence of something deadly important and with a shared significance between the dancers and the audience.

In her last productions, the fundamental questions of the future of human existence and its natural surroundings have been the topic of the choreographic work of Ina Christel Johannessen pushed to the edge of aesthetic experience


Powerful movement through space, at times a chamber play, intimate and secretive. Hypnotic structure and rhythmic mantra. 

Ina Christel Johannessen and the performers on stage embark on a journey to explore the ambiguous struggle between hospitality and friendship, opposition and hostility. 

How do we treat those who enter our community? When are you the guest, and when are you the host? How do the given situation and the relationship to your alliances affect your ability to make the right choices? 

Ina Christel Johannessen continues to investigate many of the same themes as in “Terra 0 Motel”, but in a completely different format. Continually present on stage, the dancers rephrase the inexplicit space between solitude and personal freedom. In a space out of the ordinary, audience members are surrounding the ritual of the performance. They are invited to be close witnesses to the choices made and view the situations from different sides. – Not to judge but to draw their own conclusions.  

All dancers embrace zero visibility corp.’s specific practice, as they have collaborated closely with Ina Christel Johannessen on several previous occasions. The piece is performed to the haunting soundscapes of Demdike Stare and Palestinian music. 

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