SU EN Butoh Company

”Brutal and beautiful, raw and sublime”.

These are the words often used to describe the work of SU-EN Butoh Company. The company was founded in Tokyo in 1992 by Swedish choreographer and dancer SU-EN. Since 1994 the company is based in Sweden, in an old village school in the forest outside Uppsala.

SU-EN Butoh Company is presently active in a wide area of performing; large ensemble and solo pieces, site-specific happenings/art interventions and collaborations with different artists and musicians. SU-EN productions has been seen in Germany, Russia, Czech republic, Japan, USA, Argentina, Uruguay, Ecuador, Mexico, Slovenia, Croatia, The Netherlands, Belarus, Armenia, Canada, UK, Indonesia and all Scandinavia.

SU-EN Butoh Company has produced several dance films and also released the book Butoh – body and the world at Rye Publishing company. In 2012 the company celebrated 20 years of artistic activity presenting a large art exhibition and a release of a catalogue.



100 Moments with composer Lise-Lotte Norelius, music compositions and art videos created at Haglund Skola and released as a CD and DVD compilation.
The Window Project, a digital art project presenting releases of dance and art videos. As well as material from SU-EN Butoh Company archive and guest artists.
Scrap Life, a dance video from 2006 is shown at Scenkonstmuseet in Stockholm until 2026 in the section of dance. 
Organising archive regarding Hijikata-Ashikawa/Hakutobo/Tomoe Shizune – SU-EN Butoh Company
KINJO, release of catalogue
Support, book release by Seisaku on Butoh
June 2021:
Oväntat besök, 11 performances Hållnäs peninsula, Uppsala region. With Amit Sen.
Co-organised by Hållnäs Konstskoloni 

New ensemble piece premiered 2019
Choreography: SU-EN
Music: Lise lotte Norelius
Lights: Svante W Monie
5 dancers
65 min

In the Flesh 
Solo premiered 2019
Choroegraphy and dance: SU-EN
Music: Fabrice Bony
Art work: Mari Anari Sjövall
Light: Robert Berglund and SU-EN
30-50 min

Soot – In a space of  incompleteness 
Solo dance by and with SU-EN, premiered in 2013
Lights: Svante W Monie, Music: Lee Berwick
60 min

Stone Dreams
Art and dance performance by and with SU-EN, premiered in 2013
15 min – 3 hours