Regionteater Väst

Regionteater Väst is Sweden’s largest touring performing arts institution for a young audience and one of the country’s largest producers of dance and theatre. We create accessible and challenging performances, with an appeal and subject matter aimed primarily at people between the ages of 6 and 16. Our remit comes from the Västra Götaland Region and Uddevalla municipality.

We want to make our performances relevant to our target audience, so it is important that we are close to it, gaining an insight into what it is like to be young in Västra Götaland. We do this in part by touring (about 80% of our performances are staged on tour), and in part by creating our productions in close collaboration with children.

One important component of our democratic mission is to perform for everyone in schools, regardless of background or previous experience of the performing arts. This means that we also have a responsibility to deliver a high level of artistic quality to an audience which has not always chosen to watch dance or theatre.

We have two production houses:

  • Borås – where we rehearse and produce dance performances.
  • Uddevalla – where we rehearse and produce theatre productions.

Children who live in the same municipality as, or close to, our theatres, often visit our production houses to supplement school visits. While everyone is welcome of course, because the region is so large, we have a duty to tour places that lie far from a theatre. One element in putting on more performances in the region, is our Performing Arts Agreement. This is a unique model that we offer to the municipalities of Västra Götaland.

We put on public performances at our sites in Borås and Uddevalla, and these stages also host guest performances by other companies and theatre groups, as well as by upper secondary schools and arts schools in the region.


DRÖMLEK – DANCE, spring. A playful illusion with different perspectives, a dream play. You see the dancers move along the floor, fighting the gravity. But if you lift your gaze, you are met by another world – a dream world where the dancers float, meet and separate. You are free to choose what world you want to see and experience. With the help of video projections and a special stage construction, the audience can enjoy a magical, dreamy and playful experience that appeals to the imagination.

DJUNGELFEBER – THEATRE, spring. A disillusioned bunch of animals meet in a group therapy. Chased by inner and outer expectations, they need to ventilate. They are tired of holding back their emotions. Once you have begun to feel, then you cannot stop.

SEX – DANCE, spring. With a string quartet and dancers on stage, we focus the spotlight on the never-ending topic of sex. In this show we explore this with six: the beautiful, the scary, the unknown and not least the beautiful, ugly, poetic, plump and comical. A collaboration between Regionteater Väst och Göteborgs Symfoniker.

VÄLKOMMEN – THEATRE, spring. A musical play about belonging, feeling welcomed and being welcoming. How does it feel to be the one who welcomes, or the one who is welcomed, or to be the one who does not become it? Who can welcome who? When does it feel good and when does it become a lump in the stomach? We face our timid fear of falling outside the group. We try our way to belonging and community.

FRÅN Ö TILL Ö – THEATRE, spring. A forest glade where we philosophize about human value. This contrasting show is very much influenced by the audience’s own participation. They have to decide on all possible and impossible kinds of questions, until the final decision: If it was life and death, whose life would be most worth saving? The show deals with people’s value, grounds of judgment and common philosophical challenges. Is there more that unites us than separates us?

SILENT DISCO – DANCE, spring & fall. Welcome to a performing arts experience that will take you on your very own journey. We show what contemporary dance can be, but also offer dance on your own terms. An  interactive show where you use a MP3 player and make your own choices. You investigate how the dance is influenced by your music and suddenly you are at Silent Disco where everyone is involved. The show also includes a workshop.

MAGNET – DANCE, spring & fall. Welcome to a world of granite gray power and force fields where two dancers tune in, measure and weigh the energy in you and between the others in the room. We become iron dust, magnets and force fields. They explore how we influence each other in the room and who decides. If anyone decides. And what it does to us others. Your own will is there, but how does it behave? How do we hear it?

ALLA KATTER, ALLA TROMBER, ALLA SKOGAR, ALLA BOMBER – THEATRE, fall. In this performance, visitors are guided through a spatial, physical, and metaphysical examination of their own body and this body’s relation to surrounding units of matter. With the help of headphone instructions, the participants approach each new object in the same sincere manner, whether it is a door frame, thumbnail, actor or classmate. An exploration that plays with the modern perception that says we are separated from our surroundings.

HAN HON HEN HIN – THEATRE, fall. A show that examine what the idea of ​​”Satan” has looked like through 4000 years of Western history, from the creation myth of the Old Testament to the birth of modernity. We must follow how the idea of ​​who is evil or good and why has developed in tandem with the changes in society that have taken place in parallel. What can we learn about our fear of the unknown, of the stranger and of the change of Satan’s development throughout history? Maybe we can open up new ways of being less afraid of identities and opinions that are different from our own?

MED ANDRA ORD – DANCE, fall. This show raises questions about the search for our “right” identity and the phenomenon that we are all changing. We write about our own history all the time and as individuals we constantly seem to be “under work” and reinvent ourselves. What determines and shapes our identity?

EFTER HAMLET – DANCE, fall. A playful show about strong emotional storms. Difficulty, youthful frustration and existential anxiety are the theme of Shakespeare’s classic Hamlet, but how does that translate for children between the ages of 6 and 9? The answer is that it is simply about being human and that the general human issues are just as good for children as for adults. A collaboration between Regionteater Väst and Backa Teater.

PÅ VÄG – THEATRE, fall. A classroom musical about daring to go your own way. Two aliens in a homemade space craft comes down into the classroom. They are here to perform a mission: To find manpower for their planet. But something happens.. Where did they land? What is this place? Who are the people who live here? What are you allowed to do? How should you behave? The encounter with the people on earth causes the two figures to question their own existence and their choices of life.