recoil performance group

Recoil performance group is an award winning dance company creating choreographic works for beings, objects and spaces.

Founded by the choreographer Tina Tarpgaard in 2005, the group’s work evolves around the de-centering of the human body, materialised in encounters between the human and non-human – ranging from living organisms to software-generated virtual spaces. From 2008, the fusion of choreography and software art has been explored in collaboration with software artists, resulting in award-winning works acclaimed for their unique sense of interdependence between the projected video and the movements of the dancers.

From 2017 – 2019 recoil are researching, producing and presenting the membrane project – three different choreographic creations that challenge our understanding of human identity and potentiality through the encounter with other than human living beings; as I collapse (2017), MASS-bloom explorations (2018) and Extended Falls to Humanity (2019).


Extended Falls to Humanity (2019)
MASS – Bloom explorations
As I collapse (2017)
STEREO (2016