Nordberg Movement


works with a select group of independent choreographers and choreographic projects in Sweden. Through co-operations and co-productions the main aim is to strengthen the position of the artform in relation to public space, audience encounters and modes of production. We also work with domestic and international co-production projects, touring and pedagogical endeavours.

Nordberg Movement strives to strengthen and support long-time relationships between the artists we work with and the context in which we conduct our activities. Our aim is to create opportunities for the projects created to be exposed to new audiences with more performance opportunities.

Nordberg Movement is owned and led by Magnus Nordberg, performing arts producer and manager, working together with our associated artists on artistic development, representation, project development/management, fundraising, distribution, administrative/financial management and touring management. Nordberg Movement is a private initiative.


Andersson Dance – Örjan Andersson
Björn Säfsten
Malin Hellkvist Sellén
Shake It Collaborations – Dag Andersson & Tove Sahlin
Weld Company