Marika Hedemyr

Marika Hedemyr is a Swedish artist combining choreography and philosophy in the context of public spaces: in other words she works with bodies, ideas and our contemporary urban society. Her work is characterized by mundane situations in a twisted reality, precision, humour and physicality. Hedemyr’s current focus is to create performative art in public spaces, thereby raising issues on access, democracy and the use of urban city centres.

Some of her latest works are the guided tour Guide by Numbers (2014) and the audio walk Let’s meet in Göteborg (2014), presented at the art exhibition Motbilder/Counterparts, curated by Anna van der Vliet/ICIA, and Minutes 3.0 (2014), for the dance company WATT in Vaasa, Finland.

Hedemyr’s artistry holds more than 20 works for stage, public spaces, art venues, theatre stages, film, as well as publications, collaborations across art disciplines and curator of several international labs for artistic practice. She is artistic director of Crowd Company since 2000, and founder of Dansbyrån, a Swedish platform for theory, practice and choreographic development.


Guide by Numbers
Performed by Marika Hedemyr. 45 min.
Site specific guided tour in the park outside the main police building in Gothenburg.

If this is the answer, what is the question?
Performed by Marika Hedemyr. 15 min
Performance for indoor locations, preferably gallery space or at social gatherings.