Maria Naidu

Accessible dance art, reaching a broad audience

Maria Naidu wants dance to provoke, stimulate and inform rather than just entertain. She explores the social, emotional, and spiritual dimensions that dance generates. The starting point is the power of dance to communicate directly, across all kinds of boundaries, and its ability to deeply touch people. Maria’s artistry rests on a solid craft, deeply rooted in the art of dance, which in combination with curiosity, interest in development, and renewal has made her a multifaceted artist.

Maria Naidu’s primary tool is movement but other art forms are used, often in collaboration with other artists to find ways of expression that best communicate her ideas. Her choreography is recognized as a textural multitude combined with theatrical details. Maria researches her movement vocabulary continuously since she believes that every choreographic work deserves its own identity. The Malmö based choreographer and dancer is of Swedish and Indian heritage, became an adult in New York City but grew up in Sweden.