Malin Hellkvist Sellén

Malin Hellkvist Sellén (MHS) works with the expanded field of choreography. Her work explores choreography as a physical and linguistic practice and the ideas are sparked by the need for a conversation with Malin herself, with the performers, with a contemporary dance context, with the audience, and in particular with the general public. MHS is interested in stories of the marginalized and her specialty is to both embrace and challenge the audience in the same movement. With her work she redefines the boundaries of what is possible and dismantles the thresholds of choreographic space. MHS has been active since 2001, establishing herself at an early stage as a leading feminist voice in Swedish performing arts. Among her works are: I remember you as you were then (2014), Within reasonable limits (2010), Pink promises (2008), Better people (2006) and They give thought body (2003).


The missionary
Pink promises
Publication WORKS 2003—2010