ICE HOT 2018

ICE HOT Reykjavík, Nordic Dance Platform, will be held December 12th – 16th 2018.

This is the fifth ICE HOT platform. This biannual networking and showcase event has been held in four of the Nordic capitals, starting in Stockholm in 2010, then Helsinki 2012, Oslo 2014 and last in Copenhagen 2016.

Only Reykjavík remains to be the host capital of this largest event in contemporary dance in the Nordic region.

ICE HOT is all at once, the largest showcase for contemporary dance in the Nordic region, a festival of the Nordic dance at its best and one of the key networking event in the global dance calendar.

The Reykjavik platform will showcase

  • 19 Nordic full length performances of contemporary dance, in all its variety and form
  • 19 short informal presentation by artists in a session entitled MORE MORE MORE.

In addition Reykjavik will offer:

  • 14 versatile seminars and workshops
  • Morning classes
  • Various other off venue and fringe events

Selection to show or present work was made through an OPEN CALL. A record number of 355 applications from artists were received.

ICE HOT Reykjavik is expected to bring

  • 350 international presenters and other guests to view Nordic dance
  • 150 Nordic artists
  • Networking opportunities for above

Please see the full program here: