Disa Krosness is a freelance choreographer and dance artist based in Stockholm. Humour, musicality and accessibility defines her work, and she often collaborates with other artists in different artistic fields. Empathy is an important ingredient in her work. By creating strong visual images, using references to pop-culture and adding a touch of nostalgia, Disa conveys a unique, personal and, at the same time, familiar experience. She has been commissioned to choreograph for theatre and opera, and produces her own and collaborative work for her home stage, Tegelscenen in Stockholm. Disa Krosness creates for both adult and youth audiences.


Try Human
Intimacy is a basic need for all humans and empathy is essential for our survival. Try Human is an emotional journey through humanity: a roller coster around sorrow and shame, through happiness and love, anger and loneliness.
–What is it to be human?

Do you feel Lucky?
“I knew these people.
They were strong and tall, beautiful and all
and in the desert you hear a coyote call
as the sun rise and fall”

We ride through landscapes filled with adventure, dangers and friendship. We are cowboys and villains, bulls and matadors. Proud and fearless, we take on the world!

Do you feel Lucky? Is a journey through a childs imagination.It’s a wonderful mix of genres- music- and dance whise.In this piece you find streaks of swing, tango, folk and contemporary dance.

Parts of Life
Love, work and play make out very important Parts of Life. This performance presents universal subjects from a very personal point of view. The international project Parts of Life is made out of the Finnish dance collective Vapaa kollektiivi, Icelandic composer Úlfur Eldjárn and Swedish choreographer Disa Krosness.